In His Ways – Reb Dov


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How much would you give for the privilege of getting to know a tzaddik? For the sum of $10 you can become acquainted with a luminous gadol – Hagaon Harav Dov Schwartzman, zt”l – by purchasing Rav Shmuel Wittow’s memoir – “In His Ways: Reb Dov.”

What’s that, you say – how can such a lofty Yid be called “Reb”? Reading “In His Ways: Reb Dov” will provide the answer to this riddle. You will see it is indeed possible for a lion in Torah to act as a lamb with his fellow Yidden, and you will be inspired to emulate his ways.

Rav Schwartzman’s genius was a gift from HaShem that he utilized well for the benefit of others: his love for Torah and the need to share his learning are qualities we can all aspire to obtain. Whether as a bochur in the Hebron Yeshiva, a talmid in the Lakewood yeshiva, as the rosh yeshivah of Bais Hatalmud or a rebbe in Ohr Sameach, many stories testify to his tzidkus, gadlus, anivut and plain menschlichkeit. Days and nights of nonstop learning did not deter him from reaching out to others, to assist them with his wise, insightful counsel, to encourage them with the words and deeds of a loving father; he was simply everyone’s best friend!

Examples abound: When a student’s wife was having difficulty acclimating to life in Israel, he sought her out to infuse her with chizuk; shortly after her child’s birth, he appeared at her door to give a warm bracha; at her daughter’s vort, he showered her with sincere blessings, increasing her joy. And this is just the case of a single person out of so many whose lives he touched and improved. “In His Ways: Reb Dov” contains many such inspiring examples.

So do yourself and your family a favor, get your copy of “In His Ways: Reb Dov,” and buy some as valuable gifts – forge a link with a truly great human being! At the same time, have the zechus of supporting Machone Ohr Yosef in Jerusalem. All proceeds from “In His Ways: Reb Dov” go to this esteemed Torah institute, whose spiritual guide is Harav Tzvi Veber, shlita. The Rosh Kollel is Rav Shmuel Wittow, the author of “In His Ways”. Rav Wittow was originally encouraged to open the kollel by HaRav Schwartzman, zt”l, himself.

“In His Ways: Reb Dov” can be found at your local Jewish bookstore. “In His Ways” can also be ordered direct from the publisher for $10. To order direct in America, please contact Michael Moshe Wittow at (720) 568-9987 or by email at [email protected]. To order direct in Israel please contact Rav Shmuel Wittow at 052-763-9982 or by email at [email protected]. The kollel’s website, with numerous chashuva seforim published by the kollel and available for purchase, can be found at