My First Sing-Along Siddur


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[VIDEO BELOW] It all began when Rabbi Aron Rabin, talented and popular youth group director in Miami Beach, FL, realized that he had a problem on his hands. In the youth group that he led, which was comprised of both religious and not-yet religious Jewish children, the first activity of the day was davening. Each time the group met, the children davened beautifully, singing all the davening songs together with gusto and enthusiasm. The problem arose on the days that the group didn’t meet. Rabbi Rabin’s goal, of course, was that the children should daven every day, whether or not they met in a formal group setting. But many parents, especially the non-religious ones, did not know the songs to sing with their children for davening, and were therefore unable to help them daven at all.

Rabbi Rabin, together with his wife Dini, tried to think of a way in which the children could daven by themselves, without their parents’ assistance. And that is how the Sing-along Siddur, which has all the popular children’s davening songs in both book form and on CD, came into being.

With the Sing-along Siddur, children of all ages and of all backgrounds now have easy access to davening each morning. Parents, too, can follow along with the adorable book and CD and learn the davening songs themselves, so that they can daven with their kids.

Perfect for playgroups, schools, and daycamps, the Sing-along Siddur is sure to become a fast favorite among your kids. As a mother of two enthusiastically said, “My kids love the Sing-along Siddur—and so do I! We listen to the CD even without the book, like when we’re in the car, and of course the kids insist that we take it along with us when we go to Bubby’s house, too!”

Rabbi Rabin’s dream was to make davening fun and enjoyable to children—not something looked at as a chore to be “gotten over with”. Judging by the amount of children who clamor to look through the Sing-along Siddur and listen to the accompanying CD over and over again, it seems that Rabbi Rabin’s dream has indeed been realized.

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