Frum Candidates Win Seats On Teaneck Council


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Teaneck, NJ – Three incumbents and a former councilman were victorious in Tuesday’s municipal election, turning back five first-time candidates.

Deputy Mayor Lizette Parker and Councilman Adam Gussen won their second consecutive four-year terms, while Councilman Elie Katz extended his 13-year tenure on the seven-seat Township Council.

Former two-term councilman Yitz Stern returned to the council as well, finishing ahead of fellow challengers Gayle Helfgott, Robert O’Neill, Helen Schlereth, Joseph Steinberg and Laura Zucker.

Parker and Katz won easily, each eclipsing 4,000 votes. But Zucker, a community activist, came within 90 votes of unseating Gussen.

Stern received 3,253 votes, Gussen 3,217 and Zucker 3,127.

Steinberg, the chairman of the financial  advisory board, finished in fifth place with 2,339. Former deputy fire chief Robert O’Neill received 1,159 votes, while Helen Schlereth and Gayle Helfgott gained 875 and 636 votes, respectively.

Township Clerk Lissette Aportela said that approximately 40 provisional ballots were not included in those totals.

The campaign was often overshadowed by the specter of the defeated school budget, which the council will take up over the next week in advance of a state deadline to submit a new bottom line figure.


Parker – 4216
Stern – 3253
Gussen – 3217
Schlereth – 875
Zucker – 3127
Steinberg – 2339
Helfgott – 636
Katz – 4134
O’Neill – 1159



  1. I know nothing about them.
    Does anyone else know anything about what isues they ran on and if they have kept their promises to make them worthy of re-election?