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Bris Milah Secrets

Did you know that the reason the honor of kvatterin is given to a husband and wife is based on the idea that bris milah is compared to marriage, because through the milah the baby is betrothed to Hashem? And that one of the reasons why the bris milah takes place on the eighth day is because right before the baby is born, an angel taps him on the mouth and causes him to forget all the Torah he has learned inside the womb, so there first is a seven-day mourning period due to all of this forgotten Torah?

A bris milah is a unique mitzvah, one that is replete with many customs pertaining to each facet of it. Although most of us are familiar with the customs themselves, such as the minhag of giving the baby wine at the bris, or of having a married couple serve as the kvatterin, oftentimes we come up with a blank when questioned as to the reasons behind these customs.

Enter Bris Milah Secrets. In this gem of a book, the seventh in Rabbi Dovid Meisels’ Secrets series, Rabbi Meisels, a veteran mohel himself, shares with us the countless customs practiced at bris milahs, as well as the reasons for them all. From the common minhagim to the unusual ones, be they the customs of Ashkenazim, Sephardim, or Chassidim, you will find all the what’s and why’s of a bris milah in this handsome book. Also included is a section on the birth of a baby girl, which is comprised of the various customs pertaining to naming a baby girl and the celebration of a kiddush.

If you are a mohel or a parent making a bris milah, this book is a must-have for you. It is also the perfect gift for all your friends and relatives who are making a bris or a kiddush, or even for yourself, if you’re the curious type and are interested in learning more about the minhagim practiced by Klal Yisrael.

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