Mirror Image


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With so many novels nowadays being about so many of the same topics, Mirror Image stands out with its unique, refreshingly different plot. Take, for example, the fact that Yonason Farber, the main character, who has been an ordinary yeshivah bachur for nearly his whole life, has a father who happens to be…a non-Jewish truck driver. And that’s only the beginning, of course…

Besides having a plot that’s so different than your typical Jewish novel, Mirror Image is, in plain English, a great book! It is well-written, and its characters are deep and three-dimensional. Readers will find themselves relating—in some way—to Yonason’s ambivalence; to Tzivie Mermelstein’s inner conflict; and to Scott Martin’s feelings upon arriving at his heart-wrenching decision.

Interwoven through these riveting pages are the universal decisions that touch all of us. Painful choices. Tangled relationships. Dashed expectations. Gray areas with no apparent answers.

In addition to all of this, Mirror Image contains lots of good lessons, too. While an entertaining read, it is also thought-provoking, leaving the reader off with some food for thought at the book’s satisfying conclusion.

Mirror Image is sure to become the novel of the season. It is the perfect book for you to relax with this Pesach.

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