Petira Of Mrs. Mattil Karmel A”H


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Mrs Martha Karmel, longtime Boro Park examplar of chesed, tznius, shmiras halashon and all the middos that make up a true Aishes Chayil and Yiddishe Mama, was nifteres Friday morning in Monsey. She had taken ill three years ago and was cared for in the home of her daughter Rebbetzin Ruchy Frey with selflesss mesiras nefesh.

Mrs Karmel was the almanah of Rav Avrohom Yitzchok Karmel Ztl, an Alte Mirrer and yad yemin of Rav Leib Malin Ztl, who was active in the re-establishment of Torah on these American shores after the churban of Europe. He was Chairman of the Board of Bais Yaakov of Boro Park during the period that saw it go from a fledgling school to the largest Bais Yaakov in the world. He was likewise involved with his beloved Yeshivas Bais HaTalmud, Mirrer Yeshiva of NY, Mikvah of Boro Park and many other mosdos Torah VChesed.

Mrs. Karmel leaves behind children, grand-children and great-grand-children, all Bnai Torah and Bnei Aliya folowing in her golden path. Her children are yblcht Rabbi  Mrs. Menashe Karmel of Boro Park, Rabbi  Mrs. Avrohom  Miri Kunstlinger (Yeshivas Mir NY – Camp Simcha), Rabbi  Mrs. Moshe  Ruchy Frey (of Monsey – RM BYeshivas Riverdale), Rabbi  Mrs. Zvi Karmel (of Flatbush – RM Yeshivas Novominsk), Rabbi  Mrs. Yosef Chaim Karmel (of Lakewood – Director of Lev LAchim), Rabbi  Mrs. Moshe Mordche  Malya Grunfeld (of Toronto – Menahel Yesodei HaTorah), and Rabbi  Mrs. Leibel Karmel (of Lakewood- Camp Govoah).

Thai Nafsha Tzerura Btzror HaChaim


  1. BD”E. I know only her son Rav Yosef who is a warm, kind-hearted, dedicated askan. May he and all his siblings, along with all of klall Yisroel be strengthened and have a full nechamah. Rak l’ororer ba’asi: the word, I believe is niftarah not nifteres. Nifteres is a noun (f) meaning the one who has been freed or the freed one. Niftarah is the verb (f) meaning was freed.