HORRIFIC TRAGEDY IN TEVERIA: 8 Killed In Crash, 7 From Same Family


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Seven family members were R”L killed in a horrific car crash around 1:00AM, Tuesday morning, at the entrance to the city of Teveria, YWN has learned.

United Hatzolah officials tell YWN that the vehicle lost control, and rolled down a 40 meter embankment. At least one victim, a 7-year-old child, was ejected from the vehicle. Dozens of rescue personnel raced to the scene, but were unfortunately not needed. The vehicle had erupted into a fireball from the impact, and Doctors and Paramedics pronounce a total of 8 victims dead on arrival.

Among the dead are a mother, father, and 5 of their children. Another one of their children, a young girl, miraculously survived with only minor injuries.

Another child (not related to the family) was pronounced dead as well.

The family, whose names have not been released, are a Charedi (Sephardi) family from Yishuv Bar Yochai.

Further details will be published when available.

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