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SHOCK IN DETROIT: Sudden Petira of R’ Yehuda Kranczer ZT”L, Hatzolah Volunteer And Pillar Of Chesed In Community

YWN regrets to inform you of the sudden Petira of one of Yehuda Kranczer ZT”L of Detroit. He was 47. He was Niftar after suffering a massive heart attack while learning the Daf on Thursday morning. The news of his Petira sent the entire community into mourning, leaving hundreds of his friends and those he helped in shock and disbelief.

The Niftar was one of the pillars of Chesed of the Detroit Community, and was involved in literally every single Chesed project in the community. He was a Hatzolah of Michigan volunteer (“M-36”), a Chaveirim volunteer, and part of a slew of other Chesed organizations.

Friends tell YWN that although he spent his entire day doing Chesed, no one knew, as he kept everything quiet. “He was a big guy, with a massive heart”, a Hatzolah member told YWN.

In his Hesped, the Rosh Yeshiva Hagaon HaRav Yehuda Bakst said “The Niftar wasn’t just a Baal Chesed. A Baal Chesed has a ‘Gevul’ (boundary). The Niftar, Reb Yehuda, had no Gevul. He went far beyond what a Baal Chesed does.”

The Levaya was held at Yeshiva Gedolah Ateres Mordechai on Thursday with his kevurah in Detroit.

The Niftar leaves behind a wife and six children one of whom is married, and an entire community in mourning.

Hatzalah of Michigan has set up a fund to help the family – please donate generously in memory of this Tzadik who gave his life away – literally until the last minute – to help others!

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Brother of Chinuch Roundtable columnist.
    He was waaaaaay more than a Hatzalah volunteer. He was the primary force behind establishment of the entire Hatzalah in Detroit.

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