COMMUNITY SHOCKED: Burned Body Of Abducted Businessman, Menachem Stark, Found In LI Dumpster


candle914The burned body believed to be of abducted Williamsburg businessman Menachem Stark, was found Saturday morning in a Great Neck dumpster in Nassau Country, law enforcement confirmed to media.

According to the report, a gas station employee had discovered the body around 4 p.m., Friday and alerted Nassau County Police.

“In the morning, it was smoking,” Fernando Cerff said of finding a small plume of smoke rising at around 7 a.m. Friday from his Dumpster at his Getty Station. Cerff assumed that a lit cigarette had been tossed inside. He shoveled some snow on top and left it, he said. “We threw snow on it, and it stopped,” he said.

But by mid-afternoon, he noticed the stench of charred flesh — and called the police. “The smell,” he said. “It made me sick.”

“The community is shocked beyond words, and also grateful for the tireless work by the NYPD,” Rabbi Abe Friedman, a community leader and NYPD liaison, told the NY Post.

(YWN Newsdesk – NYC)


  1. These animals commited this heinous crime when it was extremely hard to travel as far as great neck. there drive there couldve taken them a very long time. why in the world world world werent they tracked down before. There should also be amber alerts for adults. In cases like these when surveilance video clearly shows he was abducted.

  2. I hope someone takes the NYpost article written about him into their hands. An article that makes such light of a person after such tragedy.An article that makes it look justifiable to kill someone and take the law into their own hands.

  3. If Menachem Stark A’H was still alive, the writer of the NY Post article could probably be charged for incitement to murder. Regardless of his business dealings, no one has to die and definitely not like this. The NY Post should be FLOODED with angry correspondence from the community. Since when has this become the wild west?

  4. This is pre-war Germany.
    Just as we were oblivious then we are oblivious now.
    “עד שלא שכח הראשון השנית ממהרת לבא”

  5. from the way that these chazers presented the niftar, I would suspect that they were involved in his murder. The NYPD should check this out!!!