Search Ongoing For Abducted Williamsburg Businessman


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A popular businessman and a well known figure in the Hasidic community was kidnapped from his Williamsburg office Thursday night, according to NYPD sources. The 90th Police precinct said that Menachem Stark, 40, was kidnapped by two assailants at late Thursday night as he left his office on Broadway.

According to video surveillance footage released, the two suspects jumped on him as he exited the building, he struggled with them for several minutes, they then overpowered him, bound him with duct tape and threw him into a light colored dodge minivan with no license plates, and drove off.

The NYPD’s detectives working along with Shomrim are investigating the case.

Menachem Stark is described as being 5’7″ tall and weighing 185 pounds.

‘’We saw two people fighting with him, and they put him into a big white van, a Dodge Caravan,’’ Stark’s brother Yitzy, 30, told The NY Post. ‘’He was supposed to come home at 11:30 pm and he didn’t. We knew he was over at his office.’’

But calls to Stark’s cellphone ‘’went straight to voicemail. That was the first indication something was wrong,’’ Yitzy told The Post. He and others went over to the office, and discovered Stark gone, with his black Lexus LX570 SUV still parked outside.

‘’We knew something was wrong at that point,” he said.

Investigators are urging the public to review their surveillance cameras in the search for the above pictured minivan Anywhere in the areas of Broadway, Harrison Ave in the direction towards Atlantic Ave. from 11:30PM last night and on.

stark missing

(YWN Newsdesk – NYC)


  1. BD”E
    what an unfathomable tragedy!
    I just dont understand. The roads look snowy. This car got till great neck. This car must’ve traveled very slowly cus of the snow. And they discovered a burning body only today in a dumpster. Why didn’t they work quicker?

  2. it is so hard to believe that a New Yorker who looks so frum with his beard and payos could be involved in any business dealings that are not completely above board. why, you can tell by the Lexus SUV that he is completely ruchnius driven (sarcasm intended). when will Jews learn that the we are not meant to be caught up in the world of the pursuit of money and gashmius? it can too often lead to trouble. Live simply and remember the lesson of Chanuka. we are not goyim and are not supposed to live the American dream. We are just supposed to live a Torah life in America or wherever else we find ourselves and pursue the amount of money we need to live comfortably. Most of us do not need millions. Remember when frumkeit was more than just a lifestyle?

  3. noshtick,

    I am sure the family will be very consoled when reading your comment, laced with jealousy. Even if you have such thoughts, keep them to yourself at such a trying time for the family and community. Based on how you react to such a story, I have my doubts of how pure YOUR frumkeit is.

  4. NOSHTICK???
    Your FRUMKEIT is ONLY SHTICK. Go and check your middos and then you’ll see how full of FRUMEH SCHTICK you really are! WoW! It is YOU who is holding back Ben Dovid from coming.