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BORUCH DAYAN EMMES: Brutal Murder Of 9-Year-Old Leiby Kletzky A”H

5:20AM EST (Wednesday): With an indescribable amount of pain, and a heavy heart, YWN regrets to inform you of the brutal murder of 9-year-old Leiby Kletzky A”H. Although the details are still unfolding, Misaskim is working closely with the NYPD and NYC Medical Examiner to ensure that the proper Kavod is given to the Niftar, who was brutally murdered.

So many organizations and community activists worked together in harmony the past few days, including Hatzolah, Shomrim, Misaskim, Chaveirim, and others. Thousands upon thousands of volunteers gave of their time, and walked the streets in the sweltering heat for hours on end, to try and find Leiby A”H. The tremendous amount of unity among Yidden, and the massive Kiddush Hashem performed in the past few days should be a Zechus for the Niftar.

A public thanks must be given to the NYPD, who for the past two days worked tirelessly on the case. They brought in every resource that the department has available, and showed incredible personal involvement. Most notably was the constant presence of Brooklyn South Chief Joseph Fox, who was seen on the streets of Boro Park for the past 48 hours.

Early Wednesday, authorities arrested three people at the Kensington home at 466 East Second Street. FBI and police had to kick the door in. A gold car was found nearby, similar to one seen in a surveillance video police uncovered during their hunt for the boy.

A man who is seen walking near the boy in the video is one of those in custody, chief police spokesman Paul J. Browne said.

Police have not given a motive for the crime.

“There is no indication at this time that the victim was known to the suspect previously,” Browne said in a statement released Wednesday morning.

“Before establishing his identity, detectives had observed the suspect in a video recorded at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, where he was seen entering a dentist’s office on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn,” Browne said. “Detectives located one of the dentists, who worked there at his home in New Jersey late last night, and established that the suspect had been in the dentist’s office on Monday to pay a bill.”

Police said that, with the assistance of a receptionist and another dentist associated with the practice, detectives tracked down records, found the name and address of the suspect, then went to his home — where he was arrested.

Boruch Dayan Emmes…

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  1. i am in israel i live in boro park and i just updated yeshivaworld i i see he died how did this happen i got a shock of my life anybody has updates

  2. May Ha-Shem be Merachem on his family and comfort them Besoch She’ar Aveilei Tzion vi’rushalayim.
    May the tremendous amount of unity and Ahavas Yisrael generated over the past days be a Z’chus for his pure Neshama and for his family. “.ומחה ד’ דמע מעל כל פנים ונאמר אמן”

  3. Oy! Such tragic, tragic news. The details are not important at the moment though they will need to come out in time so we can learn from this story. May H’ comfort his family.

  4. Oy Ha-Shem! What have we come to when our precious children are taken from our very corners and do not return?! Baruch Dayan Ha-Emes.

  5. To the world the details DO NOT matter and do not need to be published here or any where as they will only add to the pain! , leave the family alone to mourn the lose of this pure Neshama. May H”B comfort the family and the community who have suffered so due to this tragedy.

  6. i wonder what the rabbonim have to say, why do we have to suffer so much and those parents, my heart cries for them, is this a sign of something??

  7. BDE. Words alone cannot express my grief. May his family eventually be able to find joy in the memories of sweet Leiby. What a loss for Klal Yisroel. Who is to say what the future may have held for this young boy? The 3 Gadolim who recently preceded him shall care for his neshama – for we don’t know – he may have been a future Gadol himself.

  8. The animal that did this must be sent to prison forever…no plea-bargaining.
    Baruch Day HaEmet……
    May the good memories that his parents, family and friends have of Leiby a”H be a source of comfort on these dark days.

    Yeshiva World..please print the entire story [I read it somewhere else and it is mind boggling] not for gossip, but so that parents will teach their children not to speak to strangers [even someone how looks haredi] and not to get into a car with a stranger and when something is not right…run away screaming help.
    Safta of 12 precious children….I am going to make sure that my children have a serious talk with their children.
    You will be doing the community a great service…..

  9. I am sitting here crying! I don’t know this family personally and I can’t imagine the pain that they are going thru but I know how I feel rt now and theirs must be a thousand times worse!!
    Hamakom yeracheim…

  10. Baruch Dayan Emet, may his blood be avenged. Please, print some more details, as we may be more careful. It was unfortunately not difficult to imagine that a nonjew (or perhaps posing as a jew) had done this, taking advantage of such a high neshama. There are many sick animals out there.

  11. @saftale prison is not good enough for such an animal! he needs torturing and mauling by vicious dogs before being hanged publicly, oh and every other pedophile and child killer

  12. To Saftala

    From a Bubby to a Safta, you are 1000% right. I’ve been calling my kids since I woke up to tell them the exact same thing.

    YWN is not sensationalist, but we need to know what to tell our kids. As a community, we need to know how to address our children & grandchildren.

  13. He should be buried with two sharp knives in his hands, according to ancient minhag, so that he can take revenge against his murderers.

  14. kikarhashabat reports: After days of searching and prayers, the boy’s disappearance affair Baby Klezk ends in tragedy: New York – report that the body of a 9 year old boy was found in the apartment, where police made ​​an arrest to the case.

    According to the report, the body of Klezk brutally dismembered and parts of it were found in the apartment with other parts scattered in the yard.

    Klezk out of summer camp Boyan Hasidism noon Monday, and was never seen again. His family announced the reward to anyone with any information about the stub whereabouts.

    Police estimated that at one point the boy was kidnapped. Baby’s father recently received death threats from someone who worked with him before, and it was estimated that this act of revenge.

    Security cameras recorded the local shops Baby walking along 13th Avenue and disappeared at this point.

    Security cameras record reinforced the concern that the baby was kidnapped. He was seen walking beside a stranger. Police estimated that this person put it in his car and grabbed him.

    According to reports coming from the U.S., probably a connection between man and documented on camera, and the brutal murder.

    Dov Hikind , a member of the City of New – York, said that Klezk was supposed to meet his mother in the afternoon. “Normally he would go to an organized bus, but he decided to freelance a time to walk alone – two blocks from the summer meeting point set by his mother. But he just did not show

  15. What a helige(holy) neshama Leiby Z”L was. I for sure will miss him. He won’t be opening the door for me anymore. Hashem should give his family energy to be able to go on with this pain. I can’t get to myself.

  16. To Saftala and Bestbubby and all frum mothers: Do not send your 8 or 9 year old daughter to the grocery store with your two babies in a carriage. I was in a grocery store in Boro Park and the big 8 or 9 year old left the carriage parked in an aisle while she went to get the items on her mother’s list. I went over to the daugher and told her that I could have walked out of that store with the carriage and no one would have been the wiser. Mothers please think of what could happen. Don’t take any chances.

  17. Lechayim120 you do have a point, but there comes a point in which this is counterproductive and dangerous, to keep children in a glass bubble. Also if you read the extra heartbreaking info on other websites. It is important whenever in doubt about something, to ask an adult or at least a friend. I am sure there are some things that a child does not like to tell to the parents or to the rabbi or to the moreh, because it was like that for me and no doubt for most people. But we as parents need to make sure kids trust someone trustworthy and decent, maybe not perfect but decent enough, because otherwise, they may be trusting someone not trustworthy.

  18. Baruch Dayan Emmes. What a horrible tragedy!!!
    I got up this morning and first thing I did was check Yeshivaworld in the hopes of finding good news. How shocked I was!

  19. Daniela:

    The 9 year old left two children unattended. Her mother and all Frum Mothers out there need to realize that you cannot expect your 9 year old to get the things on your shopping list and keep an eye on the carriage at the same time. What is counterproductive and dangerous about making mothers realize that? I have no idea where you are coming from. This situation could have ended in tragedy but Baruch Hashem it did not. How many times were mothers warned not to leave their carriages outside the store and disappear into the store. This is the same thing. Don’t leave a carriage unattended if you value your children.

  20. I am totally devastated and shocked! Tatte Ad Mosai?! In the surveillance video it really looks as if Leiby a”h was waiting to meet the man, how he sees and turns to him from across the street and follows him so quickly. I would say Leibya”h knew this monster from somewhere and was convinced to meet him on that corner. Ha-Shem Yinkom Damo!

  21. B”DE. There are absolutely no words of comfort or wisdom to give the parents of this child,that will ever take away their pain. I am sick about this. People must warn their children about the violent world we live in. We cannot pretend it does not exist, even in Boro Park. I cannot fathom such sickness and brutality as was done to this pure neshama. HY”D.

  22. The outpouring of tefilos from the community was outstanding, as was all the “no speaking loshon hara” pledges. Mi k’amcha yisroel? Unfortunately, in this case, Hashem said “No”. May Leiby’s pure neshama be a kapora for klal yisroel. But, please keep the momentum going! There’s another Jewish boy that’s lost and his parents have been suffering for years. PLEASE daven passionately for Gilad ben Aviva (Schalit) so that another tragedy may be averted and he may return speedily to his home!

  23. Lechaim120, I am so sorry I don’t mean to be rude and ignore you, it’s just that I am crying. Sometimes we have to do suboptimal things and I have myself left babies unattended even though I was not 9yr old, it’s just that sometimes one can not do everything perfectly and one tries to use common sense. You did very well to point out to the girl, but someone grabbing the baby carriage and running away (why?) is not the main danger: most of terrible stories do not come from “strangers” but from people who have been following us, waiting for the right moment, etc. I am sorry but I am really heartbroken. Also because I can’t help thinking that Leiby went willingly with this person that deceived him with some excuse, then we don’t know what happened, perhaps this person got scared by the manhunt? It is a double tragedy if details will be confirmed.

  24. Please everyone think, really think. he begged his mother to let him walk home alone. It is very, very possible that he knew this man and was abused by him and that he was forced him to to make this unusual request from his parents. Why would this boy walk towards 18th avenue and not walk down 13th avenue like he was supposed to? Every kid in Boro Park knows all about 13th Avenue. That is the main shopping street for food, candy, ice cream, pizza, etc. especially when the camp is on 12th Avenue. He can count for sure.

    In addition, if the parents didn’t think he was capable of maneuvering his way from the camp to the meeting point there is no way they would have agreed. It seems that he was pushed to set this up and then walked to the meeting location with this man, waited for him at the corner and then followed him to his car.

    Remember, he is a quiet respectful kid. He is an easy target for a pedophile. Maybe even someone that works in the camp.

  25. I read a report that on Tuesday night a group of 20 Pakistanis came to BP to volunteer and join the search.

    Both evil and good can be found in any – and every – group.

  26. all my precious son wants to know is the name of leibbys father so he can do something in sechus of his neshoma. can anyone provide me with the name?

  27. So many of the posters are real Tzaddikim as evidenced by the utter devastation expressed and tears poured out. I feel so inferior in that I have not yet shed tears (I wish I would), but I can say that I feel so strongly that my life cannot go on as before – how can I enjoy a Shabbos meal when Leiby’s parents are unable to eat through tears and grief? Until the Levaya happens, I feel like I am going to become crazy with such dread about how much pain will be felt at the Levaya and Kevurah. I can’t focus on anything else. Please Hashem – have mercy on the Kletzky family and on all Yiddishe children so that we may all not ever know grief again.

  28. We have no idea about how the world functions. May be this precious neshama, who is now in a place that we can’t even imagine, was taken in this way beyond words, so that the universe itself should not all be destroyed. We all are responsible. When I was a child, people would look after people with problems, be them bad middot or psychiatric issues. May the family of precious Leiby be consoled among all mourners of Zion and Yerushalaim.

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