New Poll Shows Charedi Parties Remaining Stable In Numbers


According to a new poll conducted by Channel 12 news, should the Israeli elections happen today, the Likud would still be the biggest party in the Knesset, but it would continue its downward trend of losing seats and only take home 28 seats as opposed to its current 36.

In second place would be the newly formed party by Gideon Saar called New Hope, winning 19 seats. Yesh Atid-Telem would rise to 16 seats, while Yamina would decrease to 13 seats. The Joint Arab List would win 11 seats and the Charedi parties would stay stable with their current 16 seats, 8 being won by Shas and 8 going to UTJ.

Yisrael Beiteinu would win 7 seats while both the Blue and White Party and Meretz would scrape by the electoral threshold and win 5 seats each.

The Labor Party, The Ofer Shelach Party, The Jewish Home Party, Gesher, and Otzma Yehudit would not pass the threshold.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I always voted for Bibi, but this time I will vote for Aguda. Why?
    I like Bibi but don’t know if he will get in, so to protect the Jewish way of life in Israel, I will go Aguda who is for Jewish Israel. and they will go with Bibi but not Lapid.

  2. The Chareidi population in Israel has increased as a proportion of the population of Israel every year for the last 50+ years. Why, then, haven’t the Chareidi parties INCREASED their number of MKs over the last 50+ years??

  3. ujm: Fifty years ago there were FOUR Chareidim in the Kenesset. At present there are 16, an increase of 400%. At this rate, in 50 more years they will have a majority. Note that this number is for the Chareidi parties, as individuals occasionally get elected on non-Chareidi lists. Also remember that for many reasons, many Chareidim do not vote for Chareidi parties, usually indicating they trust the non-Chareidi parties not to persecute them and at the same time being interested in broader issues such as “war and peace” or economic affairs.

  4. When Satmar & Peleg get their act together, and conform to דעת-תורה and vote at Israeli elections, the 2 Chareidi parties would have so many more sates, but of-course we understand that the Satmar Rebbe is currently far too ill with Corona to deal with this issue, and the Peleg leader is almost 3 years since his passing.

  5. akuperma, if Charedim become the majority, who is going to defend the country and who is going to work? Most of them don’t work but rely on welfare and charity. And of course, they refuse to serve in the army.

  6. My apology for forgetting PAGI (and to think I used to rent in their shikun in Sanhedria). The increase is therefore closer to 300%, so it might take more than 50 years for the takeover.

    As the Chareidim grow in numbers, Israel will probably open its economy, including its military and defense establishment, to Chareidim (i.e. change the culture from the current ultra-secular). They might open up special hiloni units in the army or special job programs, marginalized from any real power, for those hilonim who can’t adapt to living in a Jewish state. Already there appears to be a major emigration of ultra-hilonim which will probably continue.