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(VIDEO AND PHOTOS IN EXTENDED ARTICLE) Police including Yassam commandos responded on Sunday night, to the Beis Yisrael area of Yerushalayim, to extricate and IDF soldier who came under attack.

(VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE) In the following video, we have an opportunity to meet Israel’s new Consul General to san Francisco, Shlomi Kofman. (YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

A Jerusalem police spokesman announced an arrest was made in the Lag B’Omer burning in effigy of IDF soldiers. A number of arrests were made in May and there was

Residents of Houston’s Jewish communities returned home this weekend to destroyed homes and damaged property. At least 350 homes in the community have been damaged, and at least 1000 people

(PHOTOS IN EXTENDED ARTICLE) MK (Yesh Atid) Elazar Stern arrived by chopper at the tziyun of the Bal HaTanya ZT”L last week in the Ukraine. The MK was reportedly impressed

(VIDEOS AND PHOTOS IN EXTENDED ARTICLE)  The Jewish community in Dallas, Texas united in amazing fashion to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. A full truck loaded with cleaning supplies

(VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE) Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt spent a day touring the Gaza border. He visited Kerem Shalom and Erez crossing points, and then was guided

(VIDEOS IN EXTENDED ARTICLE) A Utah nurse said she was scared to death when a police officer handcuffed and dragged her screaming from a hospital after she refused to allow

Hey Chevra! Well, it probably doesn’t get any better than this. The dynamic combination of “Top-of-the-Charts” Vocalist Simcha Leiner together with the unparalleled, innovative and thrilling backing of KROHMA, result

Texas Kosher BBQ of Dallas is heading to Houston on Sunday, and plans on serving 1000 hot meals a day to victims of Hurricane Harvey. They need your help! Costs

The father of the two girls who were critically injured in a crash on Interstate 80 on Friday August 18, gives an update on his daughters’ conditions. He shares details of

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is facing calls to resign amid a raft of corruption investigations, but the only prodding he got from Conan O’Brien concerned his choice of dog

The A Team Chupa series is proud to present ‘A Fairytale Chupa With Simcha Leiner’ Enjoy this magical chupa as only The A Team knows how to do. Along with

Los Angeles Police arrested an armed robbery suspect in a Frum family’s backyard on Thursday afternoon. Heavily armed police officers were on scene while a chopper hovered overhead, on West

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