Sullivan County Sheriff Warns Of Post Card Scam


pcsThe Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of the latest scam being perpetrated in the area.

Citizens have been receiving post cards from a company by the name of the United Merchandise Clearinghouse (UMC).

The post card claims to be a “Notice of Parcel Claim” and states that a parcel is being held for the addressee. The post card further claims that the parcel being held contains jewelry and directs the person to call an “800” number. “Once a person calls the “800” number, they are asked to provide a credit card to pay for an $11.95 processing fee”, said Sheriff Mike Schiff. “Our research into this scam indicates that the victim will receive a cheap piece od costume jewelry in the mail and possibly compromise their credit card information in the process.

Senior citizens seem particularly vulnerable to this scam”, said the Sheriff. Anyone who receives such a post card should ignore it. Citizens are warned not call the “800” number and not give out their credit card information.

(YWN Sullivan County Newsroom)