Bizarre Coincidence: Democrats Get More Time in All Three Debates


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If you want more time to get your message out in debates, it’s good to be a Democrat.

According to the CNN debate clock, President Obama spoke at greater length than Mitt Romney during both debates, as did Vice President Biden during his debate with Paul Ryan. In the first debate, Obama spoke for 3 minutes, 14 seconds more than Romney — which means he got 8 percent more talking time than Romney. In last night’s debate, Obama spoke for 4 minutes and 18 seconds longer than Romney, giving him 11 percent more talking time. Obama talked for 52 percent of the time when either man had the floor, while Romney talked for 47 percent.

During the vice presidential debate, the gap wasn’t as wide: Biden spoke for 1 minute, 22 seconds more than Ryan. Still, that gave Biden 3 percent more speaking time than Ryan.




  1. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. These debates are all sponsored by left-wing, liberal media outlets, who favour an Obama win.
    But it doesn’t make a difference anyway. It just means that Obama got to speak more drivel longer.
    Another thing to look at is that from watching the debate, I seem to recall that Romney finished his expositions without prompting from the moderator, whereas Obama had to constantly be told be the moderator that he’d run out of time.

  2. Bizarre coincidence it is not. It is reported that Romney was interrupted 28 times by Crowley while obama was interrupted only 9 times. So Romney gets to speak less even though he had more time on the clock to finish his thoughts. The liberal bias of the media and the moderator is so blatantly clear. (That’s ignoring the failed fact check by crowley about Libya when she grilled axelrod days earlier that obama never called it terrorism.)