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Chareidim Under Fire Over State Funding

Tens of millions of NIS of Ministry of Welfare funds intended for organizations assisting those in need are allocated to chareidi mosdos the daily Maariv reports, quoting an internal ministry audit. The allocations were given to batei medrashim, shuls and yeshivos. The report cites that 64 million NIS went to chareidim while 17 million NIS remained for all the other organizations combined.

An internal audit of the ministry’s allocations reveals of 81 million NIS allocated to assist non-profit organizations in 2011, 64.2 million NIS (almost 80%) was allocated to chareidi affiliated mosdos, adding in most cases the mosdos did not fit the eligibility criteria.

Ministry officials admit the funds are intended for “those in need” and “those with special needs”, not really explaining how the allocations were made to chareidi mosdos since the funds were not given to “children at risk” or “those in need” as required by law.

Allocations to mosdos listed in the report include pertain to allocations in 2011:

(All amounts in NIS)

1. Karlin-Stolin (Bnei Brak) – 1,066,460

2. Sanz – 1,274,383

3. Belz yeshivos – 1,079,400

4. Mosdos Belz – 709,098

5. Be’er Avrohom – 863,600

6. Vishnitz Eretz HaKodesh – 627-172

7. Vishnitz Imrei Chaim – 318,380

8. Shaare Torah – 698,500

9. Torah V’Chessed Imrei Noam – 796,114

Some of the non-chareidi allocations include:

1. Na Laga’at (assists deaf mutes) – 47,600

2. Etgarim – 149,989

3. Knafayim Shel Crembo (assists youth with special needs) 43,200

4. Battlign AIDS – 21,633

5. Akim – 9,030

Officials in the ministry explain they are aware of the allocations, explaining they are not the ones making the allocation decision, but these decisions are part of the government coalition agreements with the various political parties.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Some would suggest the best definition of how is really hareidi is NOT accepting zionist money. I didn’t see Satmar on the above list. If you accept money from non-Orthodox Jews (or goyim, depending on the circumstance) you have to put up with them telling you what to do.

  2. This is classic Israeli money politics. Charedi institutions apply for state aid and then the state takes the money from the weakest sectors engendering sympathy for the that sector and generating loathing for the receiving side.

    State: “We can fund yeshivos but that means that handicapped kids/ widows of war veterans / holocaust survivors (choose your victuim) will have to starve.”

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