WATCH: MK Rabbi Eichler’s Suggestion: Bring Trump To Meron!


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During a speech in the Knesset, referring to the failure and the collapse this year in Meron on Lag BaOmer, MK Eichler suggested bringing the President of the United States to Meron, explaining that then, roads and parking lots will finally be built there.

“We knew in advance that almost half a million people were expected in Meron, and apparently, someone in the government was not prepared for so many people to come.” MK Yisrael Eichler said during a speech to the Knesset plenum. Otherwise, they would do what we asked. Simple things: Build roads and parking lots.

“I do not blame the police for the collapse … I cannot blame them for working days and nights, but at the end of the game the place was not ready and it collapsed.”

“Here I ask: Why does the state not invest in something as simple as parking lots, and prohibits private vehicles from getting there so that everyone has to be dependent on buses and everyone gets stuck?” Eichler asked. “I have an idea, Mr. Chairman. President Trump who comes here next week and will be going to the Western Wall – Meron is the second most visited place in the State of Israel” Eichler suggested, “Let Mr. Trump announce that instead of going to the Israel Museum, he will go to Miron, and then they’ll build roads and parking lots and prepare everything, he’ll drive home safely, and then we can host the people afterward in a normal way.

In the speech, Eichler added: “I saw pictures of buses being pushed in. How many buses can you put in one parking lot?! more than 50 buses were brought in. How do you want them to go out?” He also commended the finance minister – Moshe Kahlon, who agreed to head a committee with Rabbi Litzman and Rabbi Gafni and the other members of the party, to avoid such a situation from occurring again next year and to invest in the roads at Meron “as if it were for Trump.”

Eichler also welcomed the announcement by Tourism Minister Yariv Levin, “that he is willing to pay a third to an entrepreneur who will come build cheap hotels in the Meron area.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I think the events of the past several years have provided ample warning that Meron is an accident waiting to happen. Its simply crazy to think you can move 1/2 million people into such a constrained area with such limited infrastructure and not have disruption, delay and possibly worse. There are so many critical needs for upgraded infrastructure in EY it would be insanity to invest in any area used primarily one day a year (with a few interim peaks in between). Stop encouraging everyone to come lag ba’omer or spread out the bonfires to different makomot kadoshim.