KIDDUSH HASHEM: Chabad Rabbi Gives Food To First Responders At Manchester Terror


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As police continued their investigation into the terrorist bombing in Manchester, England that killed at least 22 and wounded more than 60, acts of kindness and comfort were seen around the city.

Rabbi Shneur Cohen of Chabad Manchester Center City brought food and drinks to police officers stationed outside the arena. It was an act that did not go unnoticed, and quickly spread through Twitter and other social media.

Tonight, Chabad on Campus will be hosting a program at the University of Manchester where many students remain “deeply shaken and worried” after the attack.

“We are doing a service at the student shul with Torah, Tefilliah (prayer) and Tzedakah (charity),” Cohen told

Cohen said that he and his wife were driving near the arena last night when they heard a loud explosion. They checked online and saw reports of the attack. “We immediately started reaching out to students via social media to see that they were ok and to let them know we are here for them,” said Cohen.

“We are Manchester, we stand together,” Cohen said. “Today we’re going to stand stronger and taller and get out and do that extra bit of kindness.”

Cohen acknowledged that the attack is devastating but said that “it’s only through standing together and standing up for what’s right that we’ll have a world that’s beautiful.”

“Every race, every religion, every color, we stand together for kindness and goodness and denounce this terrible act,” he added.