HATE IN LAKEWOOD: Flyers Placed In Car Windshields; Holocaust Memorial Defaced [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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Lakewood was hit with a hate crime overnight, as two seperate incidents took place.

In one of the incidents, dozens of vehicles had anti-semitic flyers placed in their windows. In the second incident, a Holocaust memorial in front of a Lakewood Shul was defaced.

Police are investigating both incidents.

The troubling hate crime comes on the heels of last weeks arrests in Lakewood, where 14 people were taken into custody and charged with the misuse of government programs.


    And it ain’t over yet. Hopefully when the jails fill up and honest leaders say to the public that the community will change its ways these incidents will also stop.

  2. On the same day or a few days earlier, SIXTY EIGHT people in Pennsylvania were arrested for the same thing. In Lakewood the alleged thieves stole just over 1 million dollars, a drop in the bucket compared to the MILLIONS in the PA case. But, since there were no Jews involved in that, the lowlife ayno Yehudim yemach sh’mom in the Lakewood area don’t care.

  3. Allowing a comment like comment #1 further INCITES hate crimes. If some blacks were to “allegedly” commit crimes, would you justify hate crimes against ALL blacks? Just as ANY crime is unlawful, including what those accused allegedly may have done, so are hate crimes UNLAWFUL, UNJUST, and UNTORAHDIK! Stealing has NOT caused these hate crimes, for if so, there would be many hate crimes against other minorities committed daily. Unfortunately, it’s anti-semitism causing the hate crimes, as I’m sure everyone, including the writer of comment #1 realizes. Just now at this time, it’s an open and ripe time for all to show what has really always been in their hearts. A comment like #1 that further incites violence and hate crimes, should rightly be removed from a site such as this. We have enough other sites jumping on the bandwagon, trying to criminalize all jews. I don’t think Yeshiva World should be one of those!

  4. Our leadership must take concrete action. If, for example, roshei yeshivos and rabbonim will expel guilty people either from their beis medrash or kehilah [no entitlements whatsoever], perhaps our frum community will take honesty seriously. Speaking hasn’t helped until now. Many individuals and mosdos over the last several decades have been “caught” and yet it continues because people think they won’t get caught or whatever they think to justify their actions [ruach shtus] etc.
    It’s time that this behavior stops, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE, LO OLAINU.

  5. Did anyone see the graffitti on New Hampshire and Swarthmore that said “The Goyim Know”? Not sure what that means exactly but definitely painful and scary to see.

  6. I hate to say it – but you guys are partially responsible for this due to your biased anti lakewood reporting. Its one thing when its coming from APP..

  7. In yesterday’s קריאה, we are referred to as אדם, in the singular, even though it refers to even a רבים. The word אדם can never be pluralized, indicating that we Yidden are always one! But that is a reference to us – that we must always be united as one. When the אומות העולם have reason to be angry with one Yid that let it out on us all! They’ve done it throughout history! One Yid sins – all Yidden are guilty!

  8. Vandals aren’t going to use a spray painted sheet to vandalize a memorial, they would spray paint it right on the memorial. Whoever did this didn’t want to damage the memorial which to me seems like someone on the inside is trying to drum up sympathy or distract from what is going on in Lakewood!!!