Lod Man Shot, Relatives Hit by Train Attempting to Reach Him – 4 Injured [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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Ismaeal Azbarga, 46 -year-old resident of Lod was shot on Tuesday evening just after 8:30 p.m. The shooting took place on Ben Yehuda Street in Lod. EMS personnel from MDA and United Hatzalah responded to the incident. Shortly thereafter three of his relatives, having heard about the shooting, took a commercial vehicle and drove to the location of the incident. On the way they drove through a closed train crossing and were hit by a passing locomotive.

Azbarga was unconscious and in critical condition. Two of his relatives was seriously injured in the train crash, while the other person was  lightly to moderately injured. No one on the train was injured.

Mendy Shapiro, an ambucycle volunteer with United Hatzalah said following the incident: “I arrived at the scene of the accident near Darchei Moshe Street in Lod which is located near my house. Together with other volunteers from United Hatzalah, we provided first aid treatment to the injured at the scene before they were transported to the hospital.”

An Israel Railways representative told Israeli press outlets that the south-bound train service will be stopped for a short term from Tel Aviv’s HaHaganah Station until South of Lod and that busses will be brought until the damage can be cleared and the incident thoroughly investigated.

According to initial reports, all warning signs and apparatus were functioning properly before the train’s arrival at the junction. From what appears to be the situation the car simply ignored that signs and jumped the track trying to beat the train.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)