Peleg Bochur Gets Bracha From Rabbi Batzri: ‘May Hashem Prevent The IDF From Ever Putting You in Prison Again’


One of the Peleg Jerusalem protesters who is also a draft dodger, came on Thursday to get a Brocha from some of the leading Rabbis in Jerusalem. He was received warmly and Hagaon HaRav Yaakov Meyer Schechter, Head of the Jerusalem Breslov community, blessed the protester that: “May your strength be renewed in the service of Hashem and in keeping his commandments. May things always go well for you.”

“Everything is in God’s hands,” the Rabbi told the boy. “It appears that the reason you suffered by being arrested is due to something that you did in a previous life. Hashem has erased that former blemish. In honor of that may you warrant much success and may you get married soon and build up many generations who study Torah and follow the commandments. May you have a good life both physically and spiritually. Try to invigorate others with the special gifts that you have been given.”

Mekubal Rabbi David Batzri, Head of the Yeshiva HaShalom, blessed the Bochur and said: “May you succeed in all that you do and may the army never be able to put you in prison ever again.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I hope these rabbi get stuck in buses for 3-4 hours as I and my wife did. Peleg is a group that is led by brainless wonders.

    Why protest the draft in the charadi community? Go to the Knesset or the misrad haGiyus!
    Why cause thousands of charadi people to miss appointments, be late for work, not able to pick up their children, etc? Go to the heart of the government instead, why inconvenience other charadi people?

    Add to this, that both Rav Stieneman shlita and Rav Kenievsky shlita have told the boys just to go down give in the papers and get a deferment – a one hour loss of learning INSTEAD of TENS of hours of sitting in the streets blocking traffic and NOT learning?

    Tell me these people are not dysfunctional idiots……

  2. “It appears that the reason you suffered by being arrested is due to something that you did in a previous life.”

    And there I was thinking the arrest was something he did(n’t do) in his current incarnation: Apply for deferment…