SECOND Whistleblower Comes Forward In Trump-Ukraine; Claims Has First Hand Knowledge


A second whistleblower has come forward with concerns about President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, the lawyer representing this person told ABC News on Sunday.

This whistleblower has first-hand knowledge of allegations listed in a previous whistleblower’s complaint, said the lawyer, Mark Zaid.

The previous whistleblower’s complaint triggered an official impeachment inquiry in the House. Zaid also represents the first whistleblower.

Zaid said the whistleblower spoke to the intelligence community’s inspector general.

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Attorney Andrew Bakaj, who also represents the first whistleblower, confirmed in a statement “that my firm and my team represent multiple whistleblowers.”

Democrats have accused Trump of abusing power by suggesting in a July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s president that the country investigate Joe Biden, a potential 2020 rival, and his son Hunter. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said the White House’s initial efforts to suppress the contents of the call, as described in the whistleblower complaint, amount to a “cover-up.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Saturday that the State Department would comply with Congressional subpoenas and hand over documents as required by law, but criticized the investigation, saying there were “clearly politics” involved. House Democrats on Friday subpoenaed the White House for documents they say are critical to the investigation.

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  1. Since we’ve already seen exactly what was said in the call, any so-called “whistleblower” (who is nothing of the kind) who says otherwise would clearly be lying.

    There is nothing even slightly wrong with asking a foreign government for help investigating a crime that happened in their country.

  2. What a shame. This man could have been such a great president if only he would learn some control techniques for his impulsivity. He just follows his emotions without any forethought, and consideration of consequences.

  3. He has first hand knowledge of the phone call, SO DO WE!!!
    We have the transcript!!!!

    Ha ha Trump took the wind out of them..

    These headlines are for the DUMB VOTERS, which there are plenty.

  4. Maybe Yeshiva World News finally figures out that all this is baloney and stops giving these filthy lying leftists legitimacy by printing all their lies???

  5. This plot was at least months in the making, it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue at the time of the phone call. Illegal and corrupt. Pompeo better watch out, two Attorneys General of Nixon’s went to prison.

  6. So let’s see, the Democrats hound a president for years, trying to uncover dirt and throwing away millions of taxpayers money to find some shmutz about supposed Russian collusion that never happenedon Trump and here Trump requests from the Ukranians a request that many presidents have requested before with no repercussions ( not that I agree with this) and all of a sudden it’s a crime to try to uncover some dirt on an opponent?! Total hypocrisy !

  7. First hand knowledge that Trump encouraged a foreign government to investigate corrupt acts of the Obama administration! Okay, they could impeach Obama and Biden which would affect their pensions if convicted. But revealing proof that Trump was right about corruption among the previous administration and their supporters in the civil service is hardly going to hurt Trump’s reelection chances.