TRAGEDY IN NEW SQUARE: Great-Grandchild Of Skverer Rebbe Niftar After Boat Overturns On Lake


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Tragedy struck the New Square community after word spread of the Petira of a great-grandson of the Skverer Rebbe.

Yosef Goldman Z”L, 8-years-old, was on a boat with his family on Haverstraw Bay Park, when it overturned for reasons unknown.

All were rescued, but Yosef went missing. He was pulled from the water a short while later by a rescue boat and was rushed by Rockland Hatzolah to Nyack Hospital. He was Niftar around an hour later.

Rockland Chaveirim tell YWN that all occupants were wearing life-vests — including the Niftar.

The Levaya will be held in New Square before Shabbos.

Yosef Goldman was a son of R’ Mordecai, a son of the Zvhiler Rebbe.

Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes…

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Video and images via RocklandFires

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)