Brooklyn: Hasidic Jews In Vehicle Attacked For Filming Violent Man [SEE THE VIDEO]


Two Hasidic men were attacked in Brooklyn on Wednesday, simply for taking a video.

According to one of the victims, the two men witnessed a man having a fight with someone, and began filming the incident while sitting in their vehicle – on Broadway near Madison Street in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn.

The violent man noticed the men filming him, walked over to their vehicle, used some choice words, and smashed their windshield.

The NYPD was called and responded quickly.

One of the victims tells YWN that a report was taken, but no arrest was made.


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. no arrest was made, because remember “crime is at historic lows”, “crime is falling”, “NYC is the safest big city in America”, all LIES. its falling because the NYPD isn’t doing their job and reporting ACTUAL crime.

  2. Please remove this story. I’m very concerned about backlash against the African-American community by those white Orthodox Chasidic Jews. And besides, crime is down for the 10,000th straight week dating back to the Lindsay administration.

  3. No way! I cant beleive someone who is already being violent and upset would attack you when youre filming them…this is just so shocking…i can see why it warranted being a news story.

  4. For several years I drove on Nostrand Ave from Flatbush to Williamsburg and passed through bed sty on the way. I consider Bushwick/Bed sty to be their turf and not my turf. If I had ever seen a fight I would have attempted to get out of there very quickly, and certainly not have stopped and videoed. Not a very safe or smart thing to do.

    The article says “simply for taking a video”. It would be more accurate to say “foolishly for taking a video”

  5. I love every yid but stop pulling out you phone and taking videos it just rivals things up grow up and stop taking a video of everything stupid thing not saying the African American was right but grow up, get a life and get busy cmon…..

  6. Who would stay to video a fight in Bushwick? Not me. Article said “simply for taking a video”. More accurate to say “stupidly taking a video”