TEHILLIM – Two Boro Park Women Critical After Contracting The Flu; Hatzolah Calling To Vaccinate


Two Boro Park women are hospitalized – one of them on life support – after contracting the flu.

This prompted Boro Park Hatzolah to send out an urgent message calling on everyone to vaccinate.

YWN spoke with Hatzolah of Flatbush who says that they have seen multiple cases in recent days and weeks of people in serious condition from the flu. “We can’t stress the importance of making sure you and your families are vaccinated”, a Paramedic told YWN.

One of those women in critical condition in Boro Park was pregnant. Doctors delivered her baby, who is reportedly in stable condition.

The two women’s names for Tehllim are:

  • Chaya Gittel bas Sarah Esther
  • Rachel Sarah bas Esther

While vaccination is encouraged for everyone, one doctor YWN spoke with says all children, the elderly and pregnant women must be vaccinated as their immune systems are severely weakened.

The CDC recommends flu shots for everybody older than 6 months who does not have contraindications to the vaccine, which is made from either inactivated flu viruses or a single gene from a virus. Neither can cause infection.

The advice from federal health officials remains clear and consistent: Get the flu vaccine as soon as possible, especially if you’re pregnant or have asthma or another underlying condition that makes you more likely to catch a bad case.

Make no mistake: Complications from the flu are scary, says Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn., who is part of a committee that advises federal health officials on immunization practices.

“As we get older, more of us get heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, asthma,” Schaffner says. “Those diseases predispose us to complications of flu — pneumonia, hospitalization or death. We need to make vaccination a routine part of chronic health management.”

Federal recommendations, he says, are that “anyone and everyone 6 months old and older in the United States should get vaccinated each and every year.” People 65 and above and pregnant women, along with patients who have underlying medical issues, should make haste to get that shot, if they haven’t already, Schaffner says.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / AP)


  1. How do you know these women were not vaccinated with the seasonal flu shot and contracted a different strain as a result of linked epitope supression whereby vaccination with the seasonal flu shot makes you more susceptible to contracting a different strain of flu?

  2. flatbushantivaxxer:

    And you know this because you went to some wacko seminar that told you this?

    People, don’t believe the lies and twisted logic that anti-vaxxers spew.

    Listen to the voice of reason, especially from our beloved Hatzolah organization. Vaccinate and stay safe.

  3. Veyizmir, you can’t bash antivaxxer on this one. My kids got their shots and so did I, but that does not mean that every shot that’s on the market and will be out on the market in the upcoming years should be given. Just as too much antibiotics is not healthy, so is overloading the body with too many vaccines.

    Going to the extremes in either direction is not the right thing.

  4. Both were not vaccinated. And while no vaccine is perfect, I would take a reduced risk any time. Flu is deadly espessially for pregnant and elderly.

  5. I’m curious how KellyK knows they were not vaccinated and under what basis KellyK would violate the HIPAA laws by releasing confidential medical information. In fact I am curious to know how any confidential medical information about these patients was released including their names for Tehillim.
    Hatzolah has lost quite a bit of credibility since they went against the ruling of Rav Zelig Epstein Zatzal not to take insurance money and not to take money from the government. Now they have become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Health Care industry and are taking money to promote and push vaccination all under the supposed imprimatur of Da’as Torah.
    There were no proper safety studies ever conducted on the advisability of injecting pregnant women with the flu shot. There were some studies that showed that flu shots to pregnant women significantly raised the risk of miscarriage.
    There are many other risks from flu shots as well which we won’t go into now.
    The real reason for this hysterical story is because of the V.I.E. event – vaccine injury epidemic event – held today in Washington DC. You can watch the four hours worth of speeches by doctors, scientists, and parents of vaccine injured and killed children, for free online and see the truth that our dishonest media is hiding from you.
    The questions that need to be answered insofar as the the two sick women are as follows:
    1.Was there laboratory confirmation as to the specific strain or strains of influenza virus that these women allegedly have and if so which strain or strains are they?
    2. Were these women vaccinated or not vaccinated with this years seasonal flu vaccine?
    3. What is the medical and environmental history of these two women? Did they have underlying conditions or environmental exposures that might have made them more susceptible to getting sick?
    4. Are they suffering from Sepsis? If yes have the hospitals treated them with the Marik protocol or a similar regimen? If not they should be sued for malpractice.
    Finally the concept of Linked Epitope Suppression has been around for many decades. It used to be called Original Antigenic Sin. It is well documented in the scientific literature. In a nutshell it means that getting the seasonal flu shot programs your immune system in a way that leaves you more vulnerable to other circulating strains of influenza virus that are not included in the vaccine.

  6. I will not take the flu shot and give it to my children until I know that these people weren’t vaccinated.

    Interestingly, I know many that only got the flu the years they got the shot and stopped getting the flu the year they decided not to take it.

    If you want a week vacation from work, take the shot, it will give you the flu at least 50% of the time….. I would rather take a week off to go to California or Florida.

  7. Actually I think I was told that the vaccine wouldn’t have helped for this type of flu that she/they got. It wasn’t a typical flu. & the flu shot wouldn’t have helped ANYTHING for this.

  8. Bottom line is Hashem decides the fate of all of us. Our job is to take the proper precautions (i.e. get the flu shot) and have bitachon that Hashem will take care of us one way or another. When it comes to health one should follow the rov.

  9. And remember the FLU SHOT was never tested for safety on pregnant woman!
    Don’t take MY word for it! The FDA is currently being sued for recommending the flu shot to pregnant woman without ANY testing!

    And guess what the miscarriage rate among flu shot recipients were 30% higher! Wake up guys!

  10. I posted that I got my flu shot before Rosh Hashana and here we are in cheshvan and boruch hashem kenynehoreh no sign of the imaginary maladies threatened by the anti-vaxxers, and no flu either. So in my case I’m glad to report, flu shot: 1, antivaxxers: zero.

  11. Old crown heights-
    “no sign of the imaginary maladies threatened by the anti-vaxxers”
    And I got the flu and no imagined maladies threatened by the CDC happened…
    What in the world are u talking about? No one is threatening anything, and no one is even saying that anything will or wont happen… U got the shot and you’re ok. Yay thats great. The only thing I’m hearing is people saying that theres risk in the shot just like theres risk in the flu. Not sure why u felt the need. Seriously.