BIBI TRASHES LAPID: “He Will Wear A Shtreimel, Put On Tefillin Twice A Day, Keep Shabbos Twice A Week” [SEE THE VIDEO]


At his “emergency summit” held with the right-wing bloc of 55 MK’s on Monday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu slammed Yair Lapid, the number 2 of the Blue & White party.

Netanyahu said Blue and White party’s opposition to the religious political bloc is a bluff, saying MK Yair Lapid would welcome the Chareidi parties with open arms into their coalition government.

He will do anything even “put on a Shtreimel, and put Tefillin on twice a day”, to which an MK yelled out “even (put on Tefillin) on Shabbos”!

Netanyahu quickly responded “he would even be Mekabel Shabbos twice a week. And if necessary, he would undergo another Bris Milah!”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Litzman didn’t crack a smile!
    But BiBi is right! The Blue/White is ready to develop a minority government with the inclusion of arabs – including the very ones who celebrated every devastation Israel has ever suffered – but to exclusion of Chareidim. That in of itself is a wake-up call.

  2. Is it really necessary to mock, put down and make fun of other people? What is Netanyahu proving by saying things this way. Perhaps it reveals more about himself than it does about Lapid?