ALERT – Bug Infestation Found In Klein’s Dried Mango Products [VIDEO]


The OK Kashrus Agency has released an alert regarding bugs found in “Klein’s Dried Mango”.

The alert reads:

“Please be advised that Klein’s Naturals Dried Mango products with the following best-by dates: 09/23/2020, 09/26/2020, 10/24/2020 been found to have a high rate of infestation. Consumers are encouraged to do a visual review of dried mango products at this time. Corrective actions are being taken.

See attached video of the actual infestation.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This has been ongoing problem with this company.
    I called the company on many occasions regarding bug issues found in a few of their products.
    I hope the public will become more aware and the company resolves this matter immediately.

  2. Unfortunate whenever there’s a problem the company is on it right away situation now is that ONE SHIPMENT CAME IN they inspected the shipment and they found worms so the company put it on hold right away a few boxes might have slipped out so they put it on a recall for everybody to be careful when anybody calls in with a complaint Klein’s natural it’s taking everything seriously yes nuts and dried fruit are natural and they are prone to infestation they have the highest quality control inspecting every single shipment that comes in thanks for understanding

  3. No, Rebbeitzen, a low rate of infestation is not a problem. If something has a low rate of infestation one may eat it without checking, and just assume there were no insects.

    1) Eating even one bug (dead or alive) is a very serious Torah prohibition. Almost always MULTIPLE prohibitions.
    2) Any food item known / expected to contain bugs (is considered muchzak and) may not be eaten until it is determined it is FREE of any concerns of infestation. This is accomplished either through a thorough visual inspection, or, in certain circumstances and under specific conditions, when something has been done to assure the item is clean.
    3) Any item which MAY be infested (e.g. it is known to contain bugs in between 10 – 50% of samples), must also be determined to be clean. Infestation in such items are considered a mi’ut ha’matzui.
    4) Any item whose expected infestation levels are LESS than 10% are considered halachically clean and don’t require inspection prior to eating. Infestation in these items is considered a mi’ut she’eino matzui.

  5. This letter was sent out from Klein’s natural
    November 19, 2019
    To all our Customers,
    Klein’s Naturals regrets having to inform you of a possible infestation in a batch of mango products with the expiration dates of 09/23/20 as well as 09/26/20 and 10/24/20.
    In light of our high standards of Kashrus and quality, as soon as we noticed the issue, we took precautionary measures, we put the above expiration dates on HOLD and stopped shipping them. We had our drivers pick up those products from stores who were shipped with those expiration dates. If you find that you have Mangoes with the above expiration dates, please pull them off the shelf.
    Please get in touch with your sales rep for a full credit and we’ll replace it with new product as it becomes available.
    Thank you for your assistance and attention to this matter. We appreciate your continued business.
    Klein’s Naturals P: 718-499-4299 4702 2nd Avenue Brooklyn NY 11232