Well-Known NYPD Lieutenant Yitzy Jablon Receives Promotion


Many NYPD uniformed and civilian personnel were promoted today at a ceremony held at Police Headquarters. Among the promotees, was Lieutenant Yitzy Jablon (Ira Jablonsky), of Brooklyn South Community Affairs.

Jablonsky, was promoted to “Special Assignment Lieutenant”.

Yitzy continues to be a true leader in the Jewish community as well as within the NYPD. Most of all, he continues to make a tremendous Kiddush Hashem every day.

‪Mazel Tov to his entire family – including his father, the famous Douglas Jablon of Maimonides Hospital – on this wonderful success! ‬

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Ira we love you. You great Job. We are so proud of you. By the Way Chaya Gitti is most proud of you. She told VIN news that you are always there for every person in need.

    Keep on going higher and higher. Chaya Gitti is also getting a promotion.

    Yitz do not forget your awesome kids in the process