WATCH IT: Neturei Karta Speaker Visits Ramallah, Is Shouted Down By Left-Winged “Peace Now Activists’


In a shocking video that was posted on social media on Sunday, Left-wing Israelis from the “Peace Now” organization began booing a speaker, Meir Hirsch from the radical Neturei Karta sect, who was addressing the gathered crowd at the Mukata in Ramallah during a peace conference.

Hirsch, who was invited and honored by Fatah, had said that the entire country of Israel, its very existence breaks international law and that the only way to combat it is through the BDS movement. Hirsch also stated that Zionists have no right to represent the Jewish people.

The Peace Now activists began booing Hirsch while he was talking and needed to be called to order by the organizers of the event. One Neturei Karta follower in the crowd shouted back at the Peace Now activists saying: “You smelly left-wing liars, you also participated in the butchery. You did it.”

Just two weeks ago, YWN published a video of Hirsch, where he prayed that Israel should be erased, and that the entire world should worship Allah.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Agree that the PN hate frum Yidden, but what does that have to do with the article. These were NK who are Jews only by biological definition, hardly “frum Yidden”.

  2. NO Joseph u ignorant Jew. Left wing is also crewed up but t least they love Israel and dont wish to be ruled by Arabs. Stay in NY. Dont call us when the White supremacists knock on your door. Good Luck!

  3. these N .K. bums do not represent anyone but themselves. We remember well years ago when a Satmar Chosid was approached to speak at an anti Israel rally, the satmar Rebbe was consulted and the Rebbe said to find out if it is the Arabs and Chas V’sholem not to go with them.

  4. Joseph. Far from being frum these NK zealots align themselves with Sonei Yisrael who would be happy to drive the 7 million yidden who live al admei hakodesh into the Mediterranean.

  5. So interesting how opposite is daas baal haBayis from daas Torah.

    Rav Elchonon Wasserman in Ikvesa diMishicha wrote that it is the Zionists who are the Erev Rav, not the anti-Zionist NK. He also quoted the Chofetz Chaim that the Zionists are from zera Amalek.

    Granted, the NK are somewhat misguided in their approach. The Torah does not allow hischabrus with reshaim, for example.

    But the NK’s anti-Zionist (meaning, pro-Jewish) message is absolutely correct. And, no, of course the NK don’t want to drive the Jews into the Sea, ch”v! That’s absurd. They just don’t want any “Jewish” rule in E”Y which is, of course, simply Torah law.

    So, yes, the NK are correct that the Zionists, who are the Erev Rav and zera Amaleik do NOT represent the Jews, and never have.

    Zionism is a secular (anti-Jewish) Nationalist religion that has hijacked the Jewish people, its religion and symbols, etc. for the heretical Zionist mission.

  6. The truth of the matter is that they are crazy, and what they do is also against the satmar rabbi zy”a.
    But who knows if not because this knucklehead, Jews in Iran are left alone by the regime, cause the Jews there say “our opinion is like the NK”…?

  7. Rabbi Hirsch really isn’t saying anything that radical. He has a perspective that differs from the people who comment here. Can you live with that, can you spare us the hysterics? He doesn’t think there should be a state. It’s a view held by many gadolim. And actually he’s a very normal person. NK in general are very decent Jews.

  8. Hakatan, it’s ironic that Rav Wasserman’s children and grandchildren became ardent Zionists ( I knew the grandson named for him ).

  9. Sadly, all the ppl in the pic (other than Hirsh) look like they are either ill (bigashmiyois), or are relatively new Bal teshuvah, not that I have anything against either of these groups.

  10. HaKatan, JNN10 and others keep purporting that gedolim support NK’s position. Notice that they’ll never refer to living gedolim. Only niftar gedolim who lived in an era of different context, prior to the establishment of Israel, and who can no longer be consulted. Anyone who has ever asked a shayla from daas Torah knows that context provided to the posek can quickly change kosher to treif, tahor to tamei, assur to mutar, etc.. That’s why you guys and your “mesorah” are krum as a pretzel. I challenge you to go ask a living gadol (outside of the Satmar bubble) whether Israel should be destroyed and whether NK are considered rodfim, with all that that title entails.

  11. The problem with NK is that they don’t deal in realities. The state of Israel exists and has so for 71 years and nearly half the Jews in the world reside there. There is no viable option to a Jewish state without endangering the lives of 7 million Jews. If you want the govt and the country to be more frum then instead of refraining from voting get out and vote for the frum parties. If you want to strengthen yiddishkeit in Israel then move there. There is strength in numbers and although the country and its people are more religious now than 70 years ago there is much more that can be done. Joining the enemy in Iran or Ramallah is not the answer.

  12. anti zionist yes. many Gedolei Hatora held this shita, but to go with the Arab rotzchim is unacceptable. that’s what’s wrong with these thugs.

  13. Anonymous Jew
    of more import Rabbi Chaiken in France, A close disciple,
    was challenged what his mentor would have held regarding the state of Israel
    the response:
    I don’t know ,can’t say for sure, however I listen to bnei Brak

    Irrespective of the foaming discussion here that is somewhat disingenuous
    he had four Sons
    The first three were all worthy
    the older two got killed in the Holocaust, and the third the respected Pioneer in California, didn’t have any children
    the fourth, was more of a simpler man,
    who had two children, a son who never got married, and a daughter who is modern Orthodox though her son eventually went to Ner

    so it’s not all that pertinent

  14. Joseph — I’m guessing that, given your comment, you don’t understand sp.oken hebrew.
    What happened is the opposite of what you thought.
    The NK speaker said that anyone who’s a zionist has no connection to the Jewish People.

    The left wing protester objected.
    He said that he and his group ARE part of the Jewish People.
    Then he said that the speaker, by saying that those connected to zionism have no connection to the Jewsih People, was himself not Jewish. Given the praise of Allah by this speaker and his hatred, I would not consider the left-wing person’s position unreasonable.