EPIC FOOTAGE: Mexicans Scale Trump’s $150M Border Wall Weeks After Boasting ‘Virtually Impenetrable’


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Footage has emerged of a migrant brazenly climbing over Donald Trump’s new of US-Mexico border wall.

It comes just weeks after the US president bragged his wall as โ€œvirtually impenetrableโ€ during a trip to the exact same $150 Million stretch of the barrier in California.

The footage clearly shows three men attempting to scale the 30 foot wall using a rope ladder.

The first quickly climbs up and over before effortlessly sliding down one of the vertical poles.

He then sprints a short distance to a second, lower wall which he easily pulls himself over and vanishes.

Within seconds a US Border Patrol truck arrives to investigate.

At this point the others decide to bail, pulling down the rope ladder and making off on the Mexican side.

The clip emerged on social media on Tuesday and is said to show the breach at Otay Mesa, near San Diego.

The barrier was part of a recently approved $150 Million, 14-mile section of new fencing.

The metal barriers are 18 feet and 30 feet high at various points, and guarded by cameras and motion sensors.

In September Trump visited the same stretch of the wall and told reporters it was “an amazing project” and “virtually impenetrable”.

He boasted: “This wall, you won’t be able to touch it. You can fry an egg on that wall – it’s very very hot.

“So if they’re going to climb it, they need to bring hoses and water and I don’t know where they’re going to hook it up.

“There’s not a lot of water out here.”

(Source: SUN)


  1. Why would they pick such a hard place to cross the border?
    Something smells.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if some left wing group helped them with it just to make Trump look bad.

  2. Several California outdoor/wilderness website have been posting photos of their members using the new sections of fence as a “climbing wall” for their practice. And the DHS Inspector General has just started and investigation of the award of a contract for the wall to one of the Trumpkopf’s buddies from North Dakota. Its called filling in the swamp in the desert with Republican swamp creatures.

  3. I agree with Long island Yid and stevehynes.
    May as well complain that a helicopter (or glider) could simply fly over the wall, so what use Is the wall? Maybe because very few potential illegals have helicopters or can manage a glider.

  4. Bragging is never a good idea. It almost always ends with the person bragging being made to look like a fool, although in this case it’s not very difficult. But note that it wasn’t the wall, so much as the quick response by the border patrol, that stopped the would-be crossers. Maybe more money on officers and less on steel?

    And by the way, check with your local electrician as to why it would be impossible to electrify the whole wall. The best you can do is motion sensors, and in this case they seem to have worked.

  5. lol. this looks like one of trumps bankrupt business plans now.
    I must admit, i also bought the “your house has a wall shouldnt we” line. but now i see that was stupid at best.

  6. 3 vs 10000…I’m pretty sure that would actually make the wall a success. Either way, it’s not beyond the mainstream media to pay a few people to scale the wall.

  7. Anyone that anxious to become an American is probably worth having as a countryman. I can think of a lot industries where they might be employable and where we have labor shortages (due to Trump’s policies and the unwillingness of Americans to have children).

  8. I see our leftist friends are ignoring the cold hard facts that this wall design was tested by our Marines (or was it Seals?) who had trouble defeating the wall.
    So I agree with the others here. This looks like a scam and stage. The amount of time this will take to do makes you an easy target to get arrested.

  9. The International Olympic Organizing Committee for the 2020 Games in Tokyo has added two new events that most people are not really familiar with. One will be Skatebording (where American and Australian teams are expected to sweep the medals) and Wall climbing (where Mexican and El Salvadoran Teams are favored). Don’t be surprised if Trump demands that his new wall design be used for the 2020 Games.

  10. What have you proven ? That the wall has let in 1 in how long? How many would otherwise be in ? Media will continue with its logic though – and thanks Godol Hadora with your usual bright remarks