Flatbush: Two Female Israeli Soldiers Robbed & Beaten While Getting Off Subway


Two Jewish women were the victims of an armed robbery and assault in Brooklyn on Wednesday.

Sources tell YWN that the two victims were Israelis visiting the United States for a few days, and had traveled from Brooklyn to Manhattan to an Apple store to purchase iPhones on Wednesday afternoon.

The pair took the subway back to Brooklyn – holding their “Apple bags” – and had exited the train on McDonald Avenue and Avenue I on the Flatbush / Boro Park border at around 11:00PM. They were suddenly approached by two suspects – a male and female – who appear to have been on the train with them, eyeing their bags. The male suspect placed a knife to the throat of one victim, and demanded they hand over their “Apple bags”. Meanwhile, the female suspect punched the other victim multiple times in the face. The male suspect demanded the pass-codes to their new devices, which the victims complied. Both suspects fled the scene.

The NYPD responded and took a report, and EMS transported one of the victims to Maimonides Hospital for facial trauma.

Unfortunately, even if the NYPD were to locate the suspects, it is unlikely that charges will be brought since both victims took a flight back to Israel on Thursday afternoon.

YWN has learned that both victims served in the IDF.

Flatbush and Boro Park Shomrim tell YWN that people must be aware that there are criminals looking for people carrying apple bags, and will not hesitate to rob you. Shomrim is imploring with people to make sure that when walking on the street or riding public transportation, not to flaunt bags such as from an apple store.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. You see according to de blasio this crime didnt occur since theres no report the trick of the nypd to show those head in the sand that “crime is falling ” according to our internal non audited statistics

  2. To Sam Klien How dare you even think of using a plastic bag. Its better to carry what ever you buy in your hands, or stuff them in your pockets then use a plastic bag.

  3. My dear brothers….

    We need to action immediately….
    This is out of hands.
    myself I had in the past 2 days that I called 911 for burglary 1st they came a 1/2 hour after I called second time they arrived over an hour after I called and when I confronted them they told me that I called in on middle of shift break so they couldn’t come even though I told the dispatcher that it’s in progress…..
    Wake up!
    The cops are being told not to respond quickly.

    A report takes around a ridiculously half hour to write and in the meantime that suspect is away at large….. Why in the world do they need all personal information from the reporter when there is a crime in progress??? Can’t they take it ones the suspect is in custody?

    It all comes from the high end….

    I know cops are doing over all a good job, but this can’t be happening anymore………….

  4. 911 is the biggest joke they’re all so stupid they don’t understand that certain circumstances need to be rushed talking a half hour to respond is irresponsible to people’s safety I feel more safer in Israel they respond to people’s emergencies in seconds

  5. there was a money changer in Jerusalem many years ago that was a neighbor. We were on the bus together and he had a lousy messy looking bag. I asked him what is he doing with such a shoddy bag. He showed me it was full on $100 dollar bills. I exclaimed why put it into a lousy bag like that, you should get a nice brief case.

    He told me, a nice brief case means there might be something valuable in it, but a disgusting looking sack, most people wont bother stealing if they don’t see what is inside.

  6. Kinsler you should be ashamed of yourself. Women like them keep you safe on your occasional trip to the Cotel. Not Getting Involved – same to you.

  7. TKG613:
    No, these posters should not be ashamed of themselves. They obviously were not intending to mock these young women but rather to highlight a few of the way too numerous Zionist treacheries against our people.