HIKIND CLAIM: NYPD Officer Cursed Out Boro Park Jew – But No Victim Or Officer’s Name Is Known


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While YWN has been at the forefront of reporting nearly every single anti-Semitic incident, one “incident” this morning is raising lots of eyebrows.

In a press release submitted to YWN, Dov Hikind says that the following occurred:

This past Friday night, a Hasidic father and his 17-year old son were walking home after spending time at a tisch, a rabbinical event in Boro Park. As they were crossing the street at 15th Avenue and 50th Street a police car with its lights on drove by and the police officer who was driving the car rolled his window down and yelled “you [EXPLETIVE REMOVED]’ Jews” at them. The officer laughed and drove off, leaving them shocked and stunned.

The family reached out to Dov Hikind, founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, on Sunday evening to ensure this matter is addressed in a professional and swift manner. The family was terrified but they’re willing to come forward so this antisemitic act is addressed and the individual involved is held responsible for his actions.”

This allegation has since made its way to the NY Post and other news outlets.

But YWN has confirmed with multiple sources that on Motzei Shabbos, this “victim” called a prominent Boro Park Jewish community activist and told him the story. The activist said it needs to immediately be brought to the attention of the NYPD’s 66th Precinct, and advised the man to go there and make the complaint. But for reasons unknown, the victim decided otherwise, and instead chose to go to Dov Hikind.

Additionally, YWN has confirmed with high-ranking NYPD Brass, that as of this posting (Tuesday morning 10:45AM), not only does the NYPD have no idea who the victim is, they also have have no idea who the alleged officer is, or any information about him.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Don’t police cars have numbers? And doesn’t each precinct know who is assigned to what car at any given time? So shouldn’t it be relatively easy to pinpoint the wrong-doer, if any? And since cops know they can be watched by their precincts, wouldn’t any cop who want to shout anti-Semitic epithets be deterred from doing that? Something smells fishy, and it ain’t whitefish.

  2. YWN has exhibited bias against Dov Hikind in the past. I know much more than I will describe here. But the report here is clearly a product of that.

    I can easily fathom the victim concealing his identity from the media/public. That’s a no brainer. But just how many NYPD officers will raise their hands and volunteer having committed an anti-Semitic act while supposedly circulating in BP to protect Jews from such victimization? No, one doesn’t need to be a mathematician to count that high. It will take time for any of that info to be known, and you can be sure that both NYPD and the mayor’s office will do their utmost to deny the event or to conceal anything they can. I do wonder whether there are cameras that can provide any backing for the accusation. But I would not rush to consider the accusation a fabrication. Investigate.

  3. Dearr Friends,

    It is with sadness that I read this article on YWN website. (see below)

    Haven‘t we learned from history? We shape the world!.

    Remember World War II, the ships with refugees that were sent back to Auschwitz.

    That was a culmination of silence concerning individual episodes of anti-semitism and it led to the President of our beautiful Country USA

    to make such an antisemitic decision himself. What happened because of it was the extermination of thousands of Jews.

    I am a surviving daughter of Survivors that their entire families were wiped out by Antisemitism. It taught me that silence in times of atrocities is a crime in itself

    You either stand up for what is right or Silence is accepting that they, the antisemites are right.

    It is important to acknowledge the beautiful and righteous individuals at NYPD that put their lives on the line every single day to protect us and for that I am thankful!

    I am also thankful to Dov Hikind for not being silent when things go wrong as we should be silent NO MORE!

    HATE breeds HATE and as long as we will allow this to continue it will grow.

    It is time we stand up and DO something drastic and it needs the leadership in NYPD to LEAD one such effort.

    We are all here for you in cooperating and partnering towards such a goal!

    I guess the world did not learn from history after all. So let’s start learning!!

    My ancestors were killed in Auschwitz and the German Police cooperated with the Nazis and smiled.

    If we act on the episodes we can hope this will never repeat but we need to ACT. It is 2020.

    What are we doing to counter this despicable act from people in command!

    I hope my words bring result-oriented action!

    With HOPE,


  4. Again Mr Hikind. You’re walking a very tight rope and provoking antisemitism. You hafta shush up. Time to leave it for peaceful people to handle the state of affairs. You shld stand down and just BE QUIET!!!

  5. dov should be using his experience,energy,and connections to figure out how to flip some D house seats to Republicans so we can get some things done by the great President for next years to come.thats MUCH morer important!!

  6. > huju

    What are you talking about? The event took place Friday night (in winter yet) and apparently perpetrated from a moving car that just drove right past. You expect the victim to have cat’s eyes to see in the dark – and a moving vehicle at that?