TRAGEDY IN TEL AVIV: Boy R”L Killed By Cement Truck Just Three Months After bar Mitzvah


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In a horrific tragedy, 13-year-old Daniel Cohen Z”L was fatally run over by a cement truck in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

It happened on Derech Moshe Dayan Street just after 4:00PM.

Emergency personnel rushed to the scene and attempted to save his life, but were unfortunately unsuccessful.

ZAKA responded and took care of Kavod Hames.

Sadly, Daniel celebrated his Bar Mitzvah just three months ago.

The Levaya was held tonight at 11:00PM at the Yarkon Cemetery.

Boruch Dayan HaEmmes…

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The news in Israel are blaming the easy availability of hire-able electric scooters. Anyone can hire them and ride on the road even if they have no knowledge of traffic laws….. Hashem Yerachem!
    Yehi Zichro boruch

  2. Tragedy after tragedy! Oy, Rachmana Litzlan! Interesting, that hust 3 weeks ago a person in BP was killed by a cement truck. I recall a few such horrific, horrible tragedies with cement trucks. Nebech on the poor parents and siblings.