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Bloomberg Reportedly Considering Hillary As Running Mate

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign on Saturday downplayed a report that he is considering 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as his pick for vice president.

The Drudge Report, citing a source close to Bloomberg’s campaign, reported that Clinton was under consideration after internal polling found that a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket would be a “formidable force.”

The conservative news aggregator, which came to prominence in the 90s for first reporting the Monica Lewinsky scandal, reported that Bloomberg would consider changing his residence to a home he owns in Colorado or Florida, “since the electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS from the same state.”

But the Bloomberg campaign quickly tamped down that report but fell short of denying it outright.

“We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation,” Bloomberg communication director Jason Schechter said in a statement.

The spotlight has increased on Bloomberg in recent days as he has shifted up the polls. He entered the race late — and is skipping the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire primary, Nevada caucuses, and South Carolina primary — the four early voting states that kick off the nominating calendar in order to focus on the Super Tuesday states in March.

(Souce: Fox News)

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  1. Thank you so much for now having even more definitely convinced each and every single one of we Honored “Deplorables” to vote for President Donald Trump, the best president ever!!

  2. The logic wil be to define the election as a “correction” of the 2016 mistake. They could also run as a “one term” candidacy with a promise to retire and go home in 2024.

    For Trump, it would probably be almost as good as Sanders running with Warren.

  3. About as likely as Mayor Pete selecting Jerry Falwell Jr. as his running mate. Why do we bother with this type of real “Fake News”. I suspect that all the likely Dem candidates would focus on finding a minority or minority/woman running mate.

  4. NOOOOO!! Please not. Please don’t ruin the only something-close-to-normal candidate we have! And please don’t pit Trump against Clinton again. It’s time for normalcy!

  5. That wicked witch Hilary would love to run with Mike. If he Chas Veshulom wins then she’s only a heart stab away from becoming president.

  6. sure, after being called a sexist so it makes sense to think about Hillary, so as to get the women’s vote. But why not go a step further and get a black woman who is a transgender as his running mate???

  7. Dear Mr. Bloomberg,

    You graduated Johns Hopkins University in May 1964 and I was an entering freshman in September 1964. We never met.

    Let me advise you that Vince Forster, Seth Rich, Antonin Scalia, and others all counsel that should you invite Mrs. Clinton to be your running mate, you will not be able to buy life insurance.

    Hamaven Yawning [sic]

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