WATCH THIS VIRAL VID: Woman Wants To Press Charges Against Man Who Punched Her Seat On Flight


A woman who said her reclined seat was repeatedly punched by an airline passenger sitting behind her, now says she wants to press charges against him.

Wendi Williams, who posted a now-viral video of the tense encounter, said the unidentified man should be charged with assault. What’s more, she said the attendant on the American Eagle flight (a subsidiary of American Airlines) should be fired.

The dispute between the two passengers was over Williams’ reclining her seat, which the man complained took up his space. He asked her to put up her seat while he ate, and Williams said she obliged. However, she reclined her chair again once when he finished.

Williams also aimed her frustration at the flight attendant, Loretta, whom she said threatened to remove her from the aircraft if she didn’t delete the video recording.

The airline worker handed Williams a “Passenger Disturbance Notice” that warned of federal prosecution.

(Source: Fox News)


  1. Ah Yid. It is NOT your space. The seat is designed to lean back so she is entitled to do so. If this shuvntz wanted more room, let him buy a first class seat or choose a bulkhead row with no one in front of him to lean back.
    I hope she does press charges and more importantly, this guy should be barred by American from boarding any of the aircraft.

  2. Airline seating reminds me of an old, old joke (keep in mind that when I heard this joke, the only Volkswagen vehicle was the Beetle): How do you fit six elephants into a Volkswagen? 3 in the front, 3 in the back.

  3. Gadolhadora
    100% correct. If its meant to go back wouldnt that mean you have that right?
    @147 can you explain to me why you, and apparently other comment-ers seem to think that every disagreement is childish?
    I refuse to believe that you were never involved in a quality of life squabble whether it be someone cutting you in line, someone driving dangerously or taking anything which rightly belonged to you. It happens to everyone, and if your answer is to ignore it than your a sodom-nik. [YOU may surely ignore and you’d be a chassid, but to demand of others to relinquish their rights isnt tzidkus, its Sodom].
    The person annoyed at the seen, who feels uncomfortable by the tension greedily demands ‘maturity’ from “both parties”. The righteous person defends the one who is being taken advantaged of. Your pick.

  4. Gadolhadorah it isn’t as simple as that. When some invention came out to prevent the seat in front of you from reclining the airlines did not ban it since the guy sitting behind does have some kind of tanaah.

  5. I have every sympathy with they guy. I am a 6ft guy and have often been seated with my knees to the seat in front of me, and then had to deal with the person in front reclining into my space. I simply don’t understand the concept of leaning backwards. It can make it impossible to use a laptop or read a book or generally use your table.
    On one memorable flight, my wife, I and one year old baby were jammed into two seats with two elderly ladies in three seats in the row in front. After initial exchange of unpleasantries about the noise made by an average one year old, the lady in front then decided to lean backwards into my seat – with my son on my lap. At which point I told her that I am happy to try and keep my child quiet, but she was being entirely unreasonable in expecting him not to knock her chair. She glared and pulled forwards.

  6. ” and then had to deal with the person in front reclining into my space.”

    It isnt your space. the seats are designed to lean. Its not an accidental bug that they can’t quite get rid of . The plane is designed tpo lean back.
    Obviously except the last seat. If that is a problem for you don’t sit in the last row.

  7. RamatEshkolnik, I can not believe you feel that because you are 6Ft, the people sitting next to you have to accommodate your height. It is the right of the passenger sitting in front of you to recline her seat. Your choices are to pay for a seat with more legroom and room to accommodate your baby on your lap or live with the restricted space. Ask your Rav.
    Your sympathy with the aggressive traveler is telling. Would you like a traveler to treat your wife or baby like that? It was abusive and unacceptable.
    Having said that , we must all remember the airplane is a form of police state and act accordingly. if we have trouble we should not take matters into our own hands but to ask the steward/ess to change seats. explaining the situation, Video recording strangers is not allowed on American Airline planes (its their posted policy and I agree with them, Mr Ramateshkolnik would you like someone to video your wife and baby and put it online? As wrong as the man was, a form of physical violence in an indirect way that is still harmful, I dont know if you are allowed halachically to publicly post his image on a video. Ms Williams should have found a better solution for her problem. Perhaps if the stewards were doing their jobs, she wouldnt have had to do this. A