WILD FOOTAGE: Teenagers Pull Knives On Chareidim in Bnei Brak, Get Taught A Lesson


On Sunday, on Abarbanel Street in Bnei Brak, a number of teenagers were sitting in a car and demanded cigarettes from passersby. When they were refused, the teenagers jumped out of the car and pulled out knives threatening people.

A number of Avreichim decided to intervene and began a brawl during which a car’s windshield was smashed. Police officers were called to the scene and came to intervene.

One local resident reported to Kikar Shabbos that the scene was “terrifying”. He explained: Four young people who he termed as “whippersnappers” came through the neighborhood and demanded cigarettes from one of the Avreichim. After the Avreich refused to respond to them, they began cursing him and one of them exited the car and pulled a knife.”

“We refused to be suckers,” the Avreich said, “We did not agree to be sheep led to the slaughter. A large number of Avreichim and bochrim jumped them, just like you see in the video.”

“After these youngsters realized that they came to the wrong place, they tried to run away. Police arrived at the scene and arrested the boy who pulled a knife. He was released a few hours later.”

Another person, who was one of the Avreichim who responded to the scene and fought with the teenagers told Kikar HaShabbat: “We aren’t talking about violent people, God forbid. These people were afraid of the boy who pulled the knife out, that God forbid he would hurt somebody. Therefore the first thing that happened was he was disarmed and he knife was taken away and only after that did we try to chase them away.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I don’t think this is a story to brag about, I would say whoever it was that hit the car has a DIN Mazik , they were not in danger trying to prevent anything at that point, they were actually trying to get away. why would they have an Halachik right to cause a few hundred dollar loss?

  2. Yasher Koach. Din Mazik? Not trying to prevent anything?are you kidding me? They were preventing the thugs from coming back. After They ran like that I
    Bet you this thing won’t come back.

  3. @allen
    Can you explaine to me the shame in threatening those who would attack you given the opportunity? I think You have an issue with people standing up for themselves. Theres a reason Anger isnt a lav, go read the miforshim on it. And OF COURSE you show those who would try to harm you that they face serious bodily harm if they try. Get real.
    do you know what your talking about? did you study shulchan aruch? aparently not. Checking out CH”M 421 and sm”g 13 there should start you in the right direction.