THE END OF NETANYAHU? Benny Gantz Chosen To Form New Government


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Israel’s president on Sunday said he has decided to give opposition leader Benny Gantz the first opportunity to form a new government following an inconclusive national election this month.

President Reuven Rivlin’s office announced his decision late Sunday after consulting with leaders of all of the parties elected to parliament.

The decision raises questions about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political future.

Netanyahu’s Likud emerged as the largest party in the March 2 election, Israel’s third in under a year. But with his smaller religious and nationalist allies, he received the support of only 58 lawmakers during Sunday’s consultations, leaving Likud three seats short of the required majority in parliament.

Gantz’s Blue and White received the support of parties representing 61 seats, a slim majority. However, those parties are also divided, and it is not clear whether Gantz will succeed in putting together a coalition.

He will now have a month to cobble together a governing coalition.

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  1. ha ha THE END OF NETANYAHU? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 such a stupid question its only beginning of the greet bibi we pray for him every day . you right that benny Gantz has 61 but he does not 61 for a coalition.

  2. So to all our friends in the chareidi anti government groups who refuse to participate in elections, you will now have Arabs making up 1/4 of the ruling government, not to mention the virulent anti religious Lieberman whose first order will be to draft as many chareidim as possible. Hope you are all happy with that decision.

  3. May Hashem help us. Ganz is another anti-semite like Sanders.
    He would help the Arabs turn Israel into a secular state and eventual push us out of Israel by giving the Arabs our land.
    The man hates everything A JEWISH STATE stands for.
    We should all pray for our country as it is.

  4. This is potentially the biggest crisis to face the jewish people since 1967. Where are the massive tefilla gatherings that are necessary??

    Corona cannot hold a candle to this.

  5. Likud actually stated they wanted this to happen-Let Ganz try and fail and then it will be given over to Netanyahu. Then he will be able to get at least 3 deserters from Blue and white because they will excuse themselves saying it was either join Bibi or have fourth elections! Bibi will be next P.M.
    Absolutely not the end of Bibi!!!!