MESSAGE FROM HATZOLAH: Only Call For Emergencies, Otherwise Call Your Doctor


Chevra Hatzalah dispatchers have seen a tremendous increase in phone calls to our emergency dispatch center. Our members and dispatchers are stretched very thin. We have increased capacity at our dispatch centers. However, we need your help to limit the phone calls to emergency calls only. Our dispatchers cannot give general advice.

For non-emergency coronavirus questions, call your doctor. Hatzalah cannot advise you about testing sites, quarantine questions, or other general coronavirus information. If you think that you have symptoms of coronavirus, but do not require immediate transport to the hospital, call your doctor for advice.

Call Hatzalah ONLY if you have a medical emergency.

While Hatzalah is always careful not to discourage anyone from calling, and the same is true now, we ask you to please act responsibly and not tie up our lines with general questions.

Executive Board of Chevra Hatzalah
Medical Board of Chevra Hatzalah

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