Massive NYPD Response In Williamsburg To Stop Levaya Of Shopron Rov [VIDEOS]


Hagaon HaRav Tzvi Hirsh Meislish ZATZAL, the Av Beis Din of Shopron was Niftar on Sunday from COVID-19 at the age of 80. The Levaya is taking place on Sunday night on Hewes Street in Williamsburg.

Hundreds of people showed up to the Levaya on Hewes Street, only to be met with a massive NYPD Level 1 Mobilization response. A police chopper was hovering overhead as police began trying to move people off the streets.

This is the second Levaya on Sunday to be met with NYPD resistance.

The first Levaya was for the Kozlover Rebbe at his Bais Medrash in Boro Park at 55th St and 12th Avenue. At that Levaya, multiple eye-wittiness tell YWN that the police requested that the crowd – 95% of whom were not wearing masks – maintain social distancing, who adamantly refused. Police eventually turned on their sirens, prompting the Levaya to end. Naturally, social media flared up with Boro Park residents calling it “anti-Semitism”.

The story has since become national headlines, along with videos of the Verdan Rebbe Levaya last week in Brooklyn when the same thing occurred, as hundreds pushed and shoved as if there were not hundreds of people dying in NYC from the COVID-19 pandemic that very day.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. And then we blame the anti semites for saying the Jews are spreading the deadly virus

    And we blame the anti semite hospitals for putting the Jews in second place

    Reshoim. Rotzchim

  2. The problem wasn’t what happened today, or in the last few days. The problem was decisions made sixty or seventy years ago, and involve fundamental problems. What these videos capture is deficient chinuch, a deficient sense of personal achrayus, and a deficiency of common sense – seichel. People are wearing masks. They know people are dying. Clearly they appreciate this is sakonnos nafoshos – and yet here we are sheep who cannot conceive of what it means to be a Yid and a human being except as part of the familiar throng.

    Everyone knows distancing is hard and painful. It’s painful for everyone. Some people in all communities have met the challenge, and some have let themselves down.

    Let these horrendous videos be a catalyst for change for the better. In Chinuch, in middos, in hashkofo. We cannot carry on like this.

  3. Ironically, as they cry anti-semitism they’re the ones giving anti-semites excuses. “Jews think they’re above the law,” “Jews are spreading viruses like COVID and measles. They don’t vaccinate,” “Jews can’t be criticized without calling it anti-demotion.” The rest of us have to put up with their ignorance. Join the rest of the Jews who believe strongly in the scientific method and the reality of germs and viruses and stop gathering in crowds already! If you want to be a community closed off from the rest of the world do ya a favor and physically move yourselves far from the rest of the world so we don’t have to suffer the consequences of your ignorant and unfriendly actions.

  4. Sorry I was by both levayas for diffrent reasons
    I am a close talmud of the Kozlove rebbe and Shopron is on my block
    Both levayas were in full coordination with the police and social distancing was by 99% of the attendees adhered to the police did not stop any of the Levayas – they did encourage and push that things should be short and the all the pictures and videos of dispersing the the people were are right after the end of the levayas the police in coordination with the kehilos wanted the the people off the streets as fast as possible there was no skirmish or anything of the above between the police and the misablim in any way and
    I had spoken to someone that was at the verdane levaya and the same thing was there

  5. The only thing that can remedy this is if all gedolim get together and condemn them. Otherwise, we are just Jews getting together who don’t care about giving COVID to other people, including NYPD. (which seems to be true). So sad and ironic that the rebbe died from COVID,

  6. Dear Ehrlich
    I am not understanding your point. Are you suggesting that these videos are lying? What you say that these incidents were at the end of the levaya is no answer. Its these few minutes that are causing untold deaths. If this is whats happening then the whole Kovod Hamess is futile. It is a bizoyon Hameis. Can you honestly say that the vast majority of the attendees were keeping far from one another as is required? Did anyone make a loud Mecho’o? We all would love to hear that these are a very few meshugoim but the pics show that they seem to be quite a size

  7. YWN has published many joint letters from the Lakewood Va’ad and all the major rabbinic organizations, but so far none from Chasidishe sources. Is there any reason for this?

  8. There are no words to explain how infuriated i am with this. what is going on in peoples minds that they think its ok to do this. even if it was coordinated with nypd hundreds of ny state residents are dying daily, weekly and your gathering does anyone have any self awareness. when ever i read in the yated hamodia jewish press ami mishpacha about anti semitism the first thought is how are we acting how are we acting how are our kids acting (of course there is racism against jews but how do we treat other people different from ourselves. how do our kids treat black americans spanish americans , i can tell you after years of efforts in there chinuch they are very respectful but there friends or my nephew or nieces they treat people who look different then us pretty poorly. I never blamed the jackson nj residents of not wanting it to turn into lakewood i understand them. but this is a new level this is despicable. when my daughter started dating i told my wife i don’t care about a good learner i want good middos that’s more important then anything. Have a good yom tov