GOOD NEWS: Rabbi Eliezer Gold of Crown Heights Returns Home After 28 Days on Ventilator [VIDEO]


Family and friends gathered on Union Street to welcome Rabbi Eliezer Gold, a fundraiser for Oholei Torah school in Crown Heights, upon his return home after he was on a ventilator for 28 days with COVID-19.

Rabbi Gold drank a “lechayim” and delivered a few short words where he thanked his family and friends for their tefillos.

“I know you guys did a lot of prayers and Tehillim for me,” he said. “It was touch-and-go there for a while and I really needed it and I’m sure it helped bring me back.”

Gold said that he spent 28 days on a ventilator and when he woke up, he asked his wife when Pesach is. She responded that Pesach had already passed!

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC / With reporting by COL)


  1. That particular sect didn’t get the message early-and they had rampant spread amongst them here and in EY- and they still don’t wear masks!

    שומר פתאים השם

  2. @Dryidd,

    Instead of assuming maybe show some humility and ask.

    He was tested twice in the last 4 days and tested negative.

    His entire family tested negative and all have antibodies.

    The above being said almost everyone wore mask and social distancing was kept for the most part. The people standing next to each other were from the same familes.

  3. @rofehardamah,

    It’s actually shocking to see the callousness by you and the above commentator. A person who was on his deathbed for 7 weeks comes home and you show no interest. You don’t make one postive comment. Furthermore, you obviously don’t watch the video as EVERYONE (besides 2 people who didn’t leave the property and have antibodies) wore masks. Also, in the actual video Rabbi Gold spoke about being careful and about not getting too close. He spoke about testing negative but you didn’t bother to watch. You decide to spew hate. Literally no words!

    PS: The Irony of you and the above commenting about social distancing when you clearly don’t care too much about fellow humans. You only came to knock with uneducated venum.

  4. a yid wakes up after being oif yener velt and the first question is when is PESACH ? a yid tzu zein iz tayer
    wear your mask BUT focus on the nitzchiyus of the neshama

  5. Also remember two things: First, a mask does nothing to protect the wearer. Its only function is to protect others in case the wearer is contagious. Second, masks are only necessary if one is getting close to people. There is no need for masks AND distance, only one or the other.

  6. Bystander, despite all your assumptions, the rabbis of old advised us of what we still practice today: LO PLUG. when you kler chakirot, people die.