BALTIMORE: Former Student At Yeshiva Attempts To Run Over Staff Member With Vehicle [UPDATED 12:20PM]]


The Baltimore Police Department is investigating a disturbing incident that occurred on Tuesday morning on Yeshiva Lane, when a man attempted to run over a senior staff member at Yeshiva Ner Yisroel with a vehicle.

Sources tell YWN that at around 7:45AM, a staff member had just gotten into his car outside the Yeshiva, when a man deliberately rammed his vehicle into his car. The man managed to get out of his car and run inside the Yeshiva building. The suspect then continued his rampage, driving at a high-rate of speed and began chasing another senior staff member of the high school with his vehicle. Eyewitnesses say that he missed striking him by inches, as the suspect drove at a high rate of speed.

Police responded in seconds, and managed to apprehend him and take him into custody.

Detectives are investigating the incident, and are not ruling out any motive. The identity of the suspect has not been released by Police, but sources confirm to YWN that he is a former student, and the man he chased is Rabbi Simcha Cook, principal/Menahel of the high school

Further information will be published when it becomes available to us.


Baltimore County Police received a 911 call around 7 a.m. today for a person driving erratically in the 400 block of Mt. Wilson Lane, around the campus of Ner Israel Rabbinical College. The caller stated that the driver was trying to run people over and gave the tag and a description of the vehicle, a black Nissan.

As officers were en route, they spotted the vehicle at Mt. Wilson Lane and Reisterstown Road. They attempted to stop the vehicle and it fled southbound on Reisterstown Road. After a brief pursuit, the vehicle was stopped at Reisterstown and Fallstaff roads. The suspect would not comply with orders to get out of the vehicle so officers broke the driver’s side window in order to arrest the suspect. During the arrest one officer sustained an injury and was transported to R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma as a precaution.

Police have determined that the suspect was a former student at Ner Israel Rabbinical College. Several people are being interviewed. At this time, investigators have determined that at least one staff member was targeted with the vehicle but was not injured. This is an active investigation.

The suspect has been arrested. Additional details will follow once formal charges are placed.

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  1. Just Imagine, How scary, what was done to that young man, for him to have such emptiness, anger and rage to want to throw their life away to kill someone. One day he was a Five year old on a Tricycle, and then one day this. As a community we need to make sure our schools are serving the needs of kids, not the opposite

  2. Leahleh, why do you think something was done to him? Why are you so eager to blame some staff member at Ner Yisroel and so reluctant to blame the attempted murderer himself? What makes him more of a Jew than the person you would like to blame?

  3. leahleh, i did not enjoy school, at all, but i still think you’re comment is far too strong, how can you jumot to blame the school so quickly, there are doubtless multiple other factors that contributed. Bad friends, being bullied, emotioanl issues, home issues, or simply misunsderstandings. These things happen between every couple, and it’s no surprise that it can mushroom if not dealt with.
    Suffering people always seek to put the blame on someone else, so any percieved injustice done in school can make a warped mind justify killing someone. Generally the schools are trying to do a good job, for the KIDS.
    Yes, there is always room for improvement, but your statement is don l’kaf choiva, loshon horah, and moitzi shem ra.
    sorry 🙁

  4. TGISlander – Baltimore is a very safe city. And you don’t know geography – this incident was in Owings Mills, a few miles away from Baltimore City.

  5. To Leahleh….I am sure that you are coming from a good place and that you have a good heat…But…Why does it have to be that someone did something wrong to this person?? There are actually deranged people in this world too.

  6. TGIShabbos– no idea what you are talking about. Every city has dangers including New York…..This took place on Yeshiva lane in Owings Mills,MD which is nowhere near the bad neighborhoods, it is considered a very safe and even upper class area

  7. Just keep in mind the yeshiva is run by people who are big talmidia chachamim and to say lashin harah about them can get you every lav in the chafetz chaims intro. But to side with a murderer over talmidia chachamim and to say that they did something to warrant this reaction is ludicrous.

  8. Rabbi Simcha Cook, principal/Menahel of the high school A British Rebbe who has been Menahel @Ner Yisroel, for decades, and is beloved by all, and very pleasant and sweet disposition, who certainly didn’t deserve any of this.

  9. The oilam needs to give poor TGIShabbos a break. They’ve probably been in lockdown for too long and forgot what year it is. Baltimore has had less incidents the past few years bli ayin hara than Williamsburg and Brooklyn, yet I would deem those places safe. It’s obvious that poor TGIShabbos hasn’t been to Baltimore too recently and doesn’t know that the frum section is not in the inner city where it was in 1920 and where the high crime rate is. Or maybe they are just gullible and are one of those people who just believe all the fake news they read about in the media. And when they get out of lockdown and their brain fog begins to lift maybe they’ll discover that ner Israel isn’t even in Baltimore city but rather in upscale Owings Mills in Baltimore county and that the perp was a former talmid. Unless all the crime happening in the inner city is being committed by Ner Israel alum…….. Sorry TGIShabbos but next time you post something please fact check it first just like our good ole president does.

  10. 1. Why is there a picture of a damaged car at Reisterstown and Fallstaff, when the murder attempt was at NIRC?
    2. Which moderator allowed the crack about Rav Dov Lipman? Are there no standards here at all?

  11. I take it that @Leahleh has similar feelings and sympathizes with this suspect. “Just Imagine, How scary, what was done to that young man, for him to have such emptiness, anger and rage to want to throw their life away to kill someone. One day he was a Five year old on a Tricycle, and then one day this. As a community we need to make sure our schools are serving the needs of kids, not the opposite” Seems like she knows what this feels like…. Maybe something happened to her? Can someone help her before she acts on these feelings. S

  12. I wonder what fueled a former student to take such a visceral action. Either he was quasi meshuga or there is bad stuff going on in that campus…I never had the urge to run over anybody….HaMaven Yavin…

  13. I myself am one of tens of thousands of graduates of Ner Yisrael. A quick review of stories not in the news would indicate that a pretty solid Rov of us graduates don’t feel this way.

  14. It makes more sense to wait until the facts come out before jumping to conclusions.

    Also, this is not inner city Baltimore, where most of the crime takes place.

  15. I’m so disappointed by the complete inability of anyone here besides leahleh to have basic human compassion.
    Leahleh is making a simple point. Generally speaking, healthy well-adjusted people don’t go on rampages. Now I’m not a detective but I can add 1 + 1.
    Young guy takes an action that will ruin his life.
    The action he takes initially is to target staff of a yeshiva he went to. I don’t know anything about ner Yisroel but assuming he’s not just unwell and by complete coincidence ended up there, I assume his experience was a tiny bit more uncomfortable then “gotagoodpoint”.
    Obviously, he is now so mentally damaged and this needs to be handled professionally.

    Leahleh is simply pointing out the strange set of circumstances and is commenting that it’s possible there is more to the story.

    This “head in the sand” approach the yeshiva/orthodox community takes to every issue is getting old and will do irreparable damage to the members rolls of our community.

  16. Oh wow! Lashan harah, motzi shem rah etc……
    Just imagine this would’ve happened ch”v to some Chasiddish yeshiva or so, how it wouldn’t have been lashan harah or motzi shem rah, and no dan lekaf zechus would’ve been needed, just so amazing.

  17. The gemara says: Silence is fitting for wise people; it is all the more fitting for fools. Whichever applies to you, the result should be the same…

  18. Note. I’m not against Yeshivot per se. I would make three points:
    1) Yeshivot are not for everybody. Some people could even learn “outside the Yeshiva” and become great Rabbis the Maharal, who was self-taught, and Maimonides, whose father taught him come to mind.
    2) A Yeshiva should emphasize the learning of מוסר (Ethics) , even giving it priority over Talmud learning. This is in keeping with Rabbi Yisroel Salanter. Ner Israel never did that, and I assume still does not do that.
    3) The Lithuanian cloistered Yeshiva model is a dinosaur . American Yeshivot should be like the הסדר Hesder Yeshivot in Israel which combine military and Yeshiva study. They should be open to the outside world, and dare I say it, Zionist.

  19. Why did you delete the above comment? Are you afraid of the truth? You are setting stumbling blocks to fellow Jews and violating ויקרא פרק יט יד) וְלִפְנֵי עִוֵּר, לֹא תִתֵּן מִכְשֹׁל ).