Deblasio: Opening Houses or Worship Is “Dangerous” [VIDEO]


Mayor Bill de called President Donald Trump’s push to reopen in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic “dangerous.”

Trump said Friday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would start to issue guidelines for faith communities on how to safely begin reopening.

The president also threatened to “override” any governor who did not deem places of worship essential, but did not say how he would do so.

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Mayor: Yeah, no, the ten people – thank you for the question Gloria, because I always want to make sure I’m clear. The ten people maximum gathering, absolutely we can work with that. We can make that work. And that makes sense, whether it’s a religious gathering or just people gathering for another purpose. Remember what the State has said clearly is that still comes with the need to socially distance. And if there’s any chance that people may be closed for any period of time they need to wear the face covering. So I think the State has it right there. We will work with that in a religious setting and in a nonreligious setting.

Absolutely, fine with that. What I’m talking about is that big traditional religious services where you’re talking about hundreds, even thousands of people gathered together. I know there’s a deep yearning to restart. What I’m saying is it is not time. With all due respect to the President, the President left the impression on Friday that any and all religious services should just start again.

I’m saying very clearly that is dangerous. It is not time to restart large gatherings of any kind.

Even though we deeply, deeply value faith. The key faith leaders of this city are saying it’s not time, across the board. I spent much of the last few days talking to faith leaders. And I’d say, what do you feel about this moment? What’s right for your faith, for your congregation, for your people? To a one, they said, it is not the time for large gatherings. It is not the time for traditional large services again.

So I just want to make sure there’s no misinterpretation of what the President said. From the point of view of the faith leaders of New York City, it’s not time yet to go back to traditional large services. From the point of view of the City of New York. It’s not time yet. And so we’re all going to keep working together to keep people safe.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. well as far as I am concerned Como and Deblasio are both mass murders and should be brought to justice or when the afro Americans and Latinos wake up and realize that tens of thousands of there family members are dead murdered by these mass murders they will bring justice to them!!!!!!!!!

  2. Did someone ask him then when is time? When there are no cases? It’s ridiculous and New Yorkers to be the dumbest people to not only elect him once but to re-elect him. And the future of mayors doesn’t look much better.

  3. Mayor:

    You either lie or misrepresent. The President made a statement that you just can’t tolerate because of your attitude of hate towards religious communities. All he said was that pushing these to later phases of reopening was ludicrous. Religious services are in the category of essential services. The only issue is the compliance with necessary restrictions. Your track record of managing this by bullying your police department into being seen as anti-Semitic, when the real hater is you, is ineffective and damaging. The President is absolutely correct. The 10 person limit is also senseless, and you can shoot that at the governor when you hold your next fight with him. A small shteibel might not be able to handle a presence of more than 10. What about a huge shul? I accept that it should not be stuffed with hundreds of people breathing and coughing on each others’ faces. But to prosecute the socially distanced in such a shul because the number is greater than 10 is plainly idiotic. I am arguing simple logic here, though in your passion to be the bully in chief in NYC, you might not be able to comprehend this.

  4. Both the mayor and the trumpkopf have contributed to incredible levels of public cynicism on what should have been a non-partisan issue. For most of the country with low rates of infection, filling a church or shul with more than 10 people with proper distancing, masks etc. makes sense whereas in NYC metor area with 30,000+ niftar since Pesach, a more conservative threshold makes sense for now. Instead the mayor seems to focus on yidden violating the rules while the President seems to be concerned about placating his evangelical supporters. A metaphorical “plague’ on both of them.

  5. This coming from one of the most dangerous people in the country. This is the same guy who when urged to close the schools waited an extra week. But the most egregious thing he did was to keep the subways open, no greater vector to spread the disease exist in the city as people during rush hour stand shoulder to shoulder. He could have run buses along subway routes which are a lot safer.

  6. Everything go to 13 ave. It’s cooking hundreds of kids are chasing after the sherrif. Action. They are scared to give tickets. People revolt against the DemocRATs

  7. As usual, the so-called gadolhatorah insists on seeing only bad from the President who clearly said that prayer services are essential. For “Churches, synagogues and, um…mosques.”
    42% of NY deaths were in nursing homes (besides other elders who passed away but were not in nursing homes. Most of those deaths occurred after the idiotic rules of Cuomo that required nursing homes who were clamoring that they had no PPE’s and were unprepared for covid19. “No, you must take these patients who tested positive and were still infectious anyway.” As for PPEs? “Go get them yourself! You are not public entities, even though we are forcing you to take them!” Said Communist dictator Cuomo….
    But kids who have 0% chance of dying (Chas v’shalom) and restaurateurs and other small businesses must wait wait wait, until their businesses die one by one, or ten by ten!

  8. Did anyone bother reading what the Mayor actually said, or you just read the headline? The mayor didn’t say opening houses of worship are dangerous. What he actually said in the article is that the president made it sound like houses of worship should be open to any size crowd. The mayor said he thinks after speaking to faith leaders the amount should be 10. Now that you know the facts you can argue with the mayor on that point, if 10 is too little or not. I think if the fire dept. can give a number of how many people can congregate in a building based on size the city can also give an amount of people based on size of the building.

  9. @ah yid couldn’t have said it better. seems like people dont people dont bother listening to the video, they just wantto keep their views that hes an idiot and we shouldve opened up weeks ago. ps. I didnt like deblasio before this pandemic, but i think hes doing a somewhat decent job for a city so large and crowded as NYC & he learned from his mistake of not taking this disease seriously enough back in march

  10. Gadolahakefirah – you totally made up those FAKE NEWS numbers just to make your useless point. According to NY State, John Hopkins University and Worldometer, the total number of deaths in the entire New York State as of tonight was only 29,451. That is not just since Pesach, it is the total since the first death.

    How can you claim that Metro New York City alone has had over 30,000 deaths since Pesach?!

    I am going to take a wild guess here and say that you are voting for Biden… At least once, if not more.

  11. Okay, I am sorry that I was so harsh in pointing out someone’s mistake. Leave it as a correction, but ignore the rest of my comment.

  12. Hello?
    Are we acting here as if we don’t know what goes on in a shul?
    The amount of droplets in a synagogue is much higher then any beach or bar. Starting from the Mikvah, coffee room, till the kiddushim and Sholes sidas.
    I dislike the mayor immensely, however we must accept the truth. He allows services but not unlimited. And we all know that if we would listen to the guidelines from day 1 we would probably not lose such a high amount of people b’derech hatave. This is our opportunity for Tshuva,

  13. Just a point,.. people can fly in plains to vacations and whatnot with people wearing masks and sitting so close for a few hours on end and there in a closed area so kinda no difference if you’re in a building or actually big difference because you’re not in there for a couple hours and your social distancing with masks and not sitting right next to the other person with more the 10+ people on top of you just like in the airplanes just food for thought I understand this virus is very serious and I hope it ends soon I’m not blaming anyone just like I said food for thought

  14. “I didnt like deblasio before this pandemic, but i think hes doing a somewhat decent job for a city so large and crowded as NYC“


    Regarding what did he do a “decent job” complaining?

    Are we acting here as if we don’t know what goes on in a shul?
    The amount of droplets in a synagogue is much higher then any beach or bar. Starting from the Mikvah, coffee room, till the kiddushim and Sholes sidas.”

    Honesty period,

    Do you really think that people can’t daven in shul without those things?

  15. How much longer do we have to suffer with this mayor??? Omg !! If this is not a lesson that ALL JEWS MUST GO OUT AND VOTE I don’t know what is !