VIOLENT RIOTS: Protestors Loot Stores And Set Them Ablaze In Minneapolis, Smash Police Car In Los Angeles [VIDEOS]


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Looters have struck a Target store as protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis continue.

FOX 9 crews witnessed groups of looters running in and out of the Target location off East Lake Street Wednesday evening. The store just steps away from Minneapolis police’s 3rd Precinct, the center of the protests over the death of George Floyd.

Loading up a dolly, looters were seen running off with everything from televisions to clothes to groceries.

An Auto Zone was set on fire, and video footage showed protestors destroying a Wendy’s restaurant.

The looting comes as Wednesday’s protests have become more violent. While most protesters have rallied peacefully, a portion of the group have thrown objects at officers and smashed precinct windows. Officers have responded by firing rubber bullets at the offenders.

Meanwhile, protest were popping up in other parts of the country. Hundreds of people marched through downtown Los Angeles in a Black Lives Matter protest over the death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

The march resulted in a violent confrontation with police and the shutting down of the 101 Freeway near downtown. Protesters smashed the windwos of a police car on the 101 Freeway.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The video of the killing is probably the worst thing lots of people have seen, I do not recommend anyone to watch it, only does who feel that they do not understand the young people seen in the videos above should go watch to start to understand what it means to be black in america today. He did no harm to anyone and was chocked to death by the knee of a seemingly cold-hearted officer.
    We Jews as a minority must understand and feel the suffering of other minorities ‘You shall love the foreigner, because you were a foreigner in the land of Egypt’.
    We must stand with the African american community! Sign petitions! say your neighbor you’re with him! make a kiddush hashem! (No riots, of course, although it is probably more an important cause then reopening NYC,)

  2. Animals. The police should use live bullets, not rubber.

    George Floyd committed a crime, and then fought the police who tried to arrest him for ten minutes. Naturally when they finally subdued him they had to keep him pinned down, or he would have got up and started fighting them again. This was 100% justified. If he didn’t want it to happen he shouldn’t have fought them. He had no right to do that, and it is right and proper for him to have been restrained as a result. His cause of death is not known, but if it was a result of an injury he sustained in the fight, then it was his own fault and should be regarded as a suicide.

  3. the worst part is the looters are not keeping social distancing blasio would have given them tickets at least they were wearing masks

  4. Could you even begin to imagine if the thing (people?) doing this were wearing MAGA hats?
    The media and Democrats would be yelling how Trump is a racist and needs to be impeached etc.
    Why isn’t the media asking Obama and Biden when their voters are looting and destroying private property?

  5. This is so heartbreakingly sad! Those poor business owners who invested their life savings to open a franchise, only to have hooligans loot and destroy it. Whatever is happening in the country/economy is not the store owners’ faults. Hashem yerachem. :'(

  6. reminds me of the Watts riots in LA, only the rioter were all black. Here in the videos we can see whites participate in the stealing too, with everyone taking pictures….

    Really disgusting, police should have come down hard on them. There is NO excuse for such lawlessness.

  7. Such civility!!
    And these folks are supposed to be relegated as “people?”
    Why are Target a d Auto Zone responsible for what one officer did? Can we go into their neighborhoods and do the same if one of their folks commit a like offense? Where are their leaders? Why is there no call for civility? Or, has Mayor Dinkins called out to let them vent??

  8. The vast majority of comments are disgraceful. The comments in this thread are racist and vile. The so called riots were in response to the murder of this man. I would bet a small fortune that most of the commenters on this thread were agreeing with the riots in israel that pseudo chareidim orchestrated in Jerusalem and elsewhere when it came to save their little jobs in kollel. That was ok- because it was their skin but riots elsewhere are not? Disgraceful.

  9. These are not protesters, these are gonovim who have no respect for anyone’s property!! They couldn’t care less for the guy who the police took down. As a Baltimorean, this is Freddy Gray all over again for me. These chayos are just looking for a free large screen TV. Burning down stores and then complaining because no one wants to open a supermarket in the ‘hood?? Get real…it’s Baltimore city all over again. And then the family comes crying because he was such a tzaddik and sues the city for millions of tax payer dollars. Please!! Makes me sick.

  10. Dear milhouse and all other racists, there is no evidence that George refused to be arrested. There is however a video of his arrest and there is no fight on that one at all. So what are you talking about?
    Pure racism. There is no doubt in my mind that if you wouldn’t be a Jew you would have Jews.

  11. Two things can be true at once. The police officers involved clearly murdered this guy. Ask any cop, they will tell you that they are trained not to choke people or kneel on their necks ( I happen to know this because I am friends with numerous police officers and I asked them). If you have your knee on someone’s neck and he dies because of it, that is murder. Many cases of so-called “police brutality” are not, but this case was.

    At the same time, these riots are not about justice for anyone. “oh, we are mad that police killed this guy, let’s go wantonly steal and destroy the businesses of unrelated people” is ridiculous. The rioters want to riot, and they know they have an excuse. Protests against brutality are legitimate, stealing and torching stuff because you know you can get away with it is not.

  12. @rabbiofberlin
    while most people here dont condone those hafganos, theres one major difference. they arent burning down stores and destroying peoples lives. they are for the most part peaceful. idk if youve ever seen one but they just block off traffic. they dont burn stores down, or beat people, or loot stores or anything of the sort so they arent even a little bit comparable

  13. NOYB, stop lying. Kneeling on the neck is an OFFICIALLY APPROVED METHOD of restraining a suspect in the Minneapolis Police Department’s rule book on the use of force. And Floyd did NOT die of asphyxiation, so the knee on the neck is irrelevant.

    Dishonesty, the video does not show the whole episode. The evidence that he fought is the police department statement, which deserves the presumption of being true. The police, unlike this criminal and his family’s criminal spokesmen, have a chezkas kashrus that they don’t lie.

    As for the Reform “rabbi” of Berlin, as usual your words disgust me. These are not “so-called” riots, they are full riots in every sense of the word, and the participants should be shot.