CLUELESS MAYOR: Listen To DeBlasio’s Response To Out-Of-Control Fireworks Plaguing City


CBS reporter Rich Lamm asked NYC mayor DeBlasio about the insane spike in illegal fireworks being shot off around all parts of NYC the past few weeks.

According to the NY Daily News, data from 311 shows that a whopping 1,249 complaints about illegal firework usage was made between June 1 and June 14. That’s compared to a mere 21 complaints during the same period last year.

Listen to the Mayor’s response below:


  1. if this filthy communist America hating traitorous swine did not care when whole blocks of nyc stores and churches were looted and burned to the ground,and instructed police not to do anything,why would it surprise anyone that out of control fireworks would bother him.

  2. Mayor De Blasio says” I don’t have a perfect answer for you but i will be glad to find out what the **** is going on.”

    Hmm… ask the Men in Blue. Oh wait he’s defunding them. They don’t have enough to keep NYC safe anymore. Oh well. Whoops! I guess he’ll just have to keep scratching his head! Can’t wait for this man to be out of office!!!!

  3. Oh had you not asked in wouldn’t have cared?

    Who cares if they are disturbing people’s sleep?

    Who cares if kids get night mares?

    Who cares if people may think there is gun fire going on?

    Who cares, after all isn’t this New Yowrk?

  4. DeBlasio is the mayor you get when you don’t bother voting. He was elected in 2011 with the lowest voter turnout in NYC history – just 23% of registered voters came out to vote that year. Of those 23%, DeBlasio got 76% of the vote, allowing him to declare that he won in a landslide.

  5. I’m not a big fan of the Mayor either, but honestly if any one of us were running this City during a Pandemic and trying to juggle all of the related challenges, would early fireworks (granted they are illegal) be on top of your list ? Let’s focus on real issues.