SEE THE HAFGANOS: Beitar Lockdown Lifted As Chareidim Protest Closures


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Tuesday evening saw a mass protests outside the city of Beitar on the main access road that connects the town to Tzur Hadassah in the west and Gush Etzion in the east. Protesters were enraged at the closure of the city, which they had been told would continue for at least another week.

Some held signs denouncing Netanyahu stating “I’m a Chareidi man who works, and because of you Bibi, I have nothing to eat.” Other signs read: “If you close us down you need to pay. Who will pay my salary?”

A large police force as well as IDF soldiers were sent to the scene in order to maintain order. While security forces were working to open the road, two Chareidi men were arrested.

Protesters shouted that the country has turned into a police state with no rights for the citizens.

A high-ranking official in the Health Ministry said that “Lockdowns are not punishments. We use them in locations where we have no other choice and Beitar has the highest rate of infection in Israel, so we don’t have any other choice.”

During the protest, it was made known that due to the intervention of the Mayor opposite Professor Chezi Levi of the Health Ministry, the lockdown on the city will be lifted tomorrow morning. The mayor committed to lowering the rate of infection in the city and demanded that the Ministry assist the city in evacuating those who are sick with the virus. The evacuation of ill people from the city

Large groups of police officers gathered on Torah M’Tzion street on the outskirts of Jerusalem’s Romema neighborhood in preparation for the daily protest of the closure of the neighborhood that takes place every evening on Yirmiyahu street. Thus far, no arrests have been reported there.


  1. “the police come with their clubs and they break heads. People don’t know that. Police in Eretz Yisroel are not as good as the police in Borough Park. The police in Borough Park are angels compared to Israeli police. And they have instructions, especially over Orthodox heads they break their clubs. Jews go to the hospitals for protesting, and they didn’t do a thing. But their heads are broken by the police clubs. People don’t know that in America. And the American Jewish newspapers don’t report this because they all have big relations, big funds that they get from the UJA and the Jewish National Fund and it’s not good business to displease their masters. But we have to let the world know that we know what’s happening and we are protesting. ” Rabbi Avigdor MIller

  2. My son lives there. He reports that it was not physical or boisterous: much like the last picture you posted. People are frustrated. They need to earn a livelihood. What the answer is, I don’t know. But a total lockdown seems painful to all. 130 reported cases in a city of 67,500 people seems like not enough to lock everyone up! YWN always finds the way to get pics of not-nice views of our people! If only this could change especially now during the 3 weeks! Oy, if only!

  3. Interesting that now the Mayor tells the Health Ministry he will arrange to evacuate the sick when one of the main reasons for the lockdown was the refusal of the sick, of which there are a very large number in Beitar, to be evacuated. Can’t have it both ways.

  4. Didn’t see any reporting in YWN on secular, leftist rioting in Tel Aviv last Motzei Shabbos.

    Moderators Response: There were two articles on the protests.