DEBLASIO’S NYC: Suspect That Viciously Attacked NYPD Officers Released Without Bail


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One of the two men arrested for attacking an NYPD lieutenant and NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan was released without bail Thursday night, with the judge granting him supervised release.

Police identified him as 25-year-old Quran Campbell. The second suspect, Banks Shaborn, also 25, was being held on $10,000 bail.

A senior police official called these developments “stunning.”

“Quran Campbell is captured on video for the nation to witness him viciously assault 3 cops in uniform – 1 who lost consciousness. Judge Robert Rosenthal’s reckless decision to release Mr. Campbell WITHOUT BAIL endangers every NYer and the officers who risk it all to protect them,” Monahan posted Friday morning on Twitter. “My thanks to the @ManhattanDA’s Office for recognizing the seriousness and strength of this case by requesting $75,000 bail.”

The attack happened on Wednesday, during what was supposed to be a peaceful protest on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Eight officers were injured during the protest.

The NYPD also arrested a woman seen dressed in red who allegedly ran up to officers who were in the middle of an arrest and started swinging a cane at them, causing injuries. Chief of Department Monahan was among the eight officers injured.

Chanice Reyes, 24, is accused of assaulting a lieutenant on the Brooklyn Bridge. She was taken to Bellevue Hospital for a psychological evaluation.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I am confused. I thought when there is property damage, they get released without bail.
    If they cause bodily harm, I thought that they either go to jail or have to post bail.

  2. Gov. Cuomo. You have just been outed as a paper tiger.
    The city is dying while De Blasio has called your bluff. Same way that nothing happens to the criminals who shoot up the city and brazenly attack politically handcuffed police officers. nothing happens to the ‘ Enabler of Criminality”‘ either. You are just as bad a him, and history will judge you harshly for not protecting the inhabitants of this state.. Normal law aiding people are already voting with their feet and getting out of this insane state.

  3. Let’s be fair. The bail reform is a state issue not a city issue. The headline should Coumo’s NewYork. I’m not even sure the judge is allowed to give bail anymore.

  4. And now….
    After so much nonsense is happening in NYC, I have one question,
    when the next election comes up will you go vote for a candidate you support or for the candidate that is endorsed?

    realize this, the people who endorse and expect everyone to follow (and that is what happens) have their agenda and their agenda does not include safety, police policies, or bail reform.

    why was Deblasio elected in the first place? because he is good for Mosdos, he puts a blind eye for all sorts of programs where the schools make big money (BTW, without needing to teach anything)

    If that’s your only issue then vote for the candidate endorsed by “community leaders” if you care about your city, its safety and it’s so on then vote for the candidate of your choice.

  5. Don’t get me wrong DeBlasio is a total nut but Chief Monahan’s “kissing up” to the protesters by kneeling didn’t help the situation. Shows weakness. I feel sorry for all the cops in NYC having to deal with all this garbage. We need Rudy back in charge to clean up this mess.

  6. The bone head Deblasio is the cause of all this animosity and seething hate towards the men and women in blue right now the cops have only been injured but at this rate eventually they’ll get killed and it’s all because of that moron. Every cop in NYC and these other hotbeds of liberalism, hate and intolerance should just go on strike and watch those cities burn down to the ground.

  7. And why should he not be out on bail? Is bail only for white people? Judge set bail, he put it up. That is the way the system works.

    This site is racist.

  8. WgFPD2 the article says clearly:
    DEBLASIO’S NYC: Suspect That Viciously Attacked NYPD Officers Released Without Bail

    “Without Bail” is not the same as “out on bail” that he put up.
    There was no bail set for this violent criminal by NYC judge. He is free without bail.

    According to people like you, Racist is anyone who disagrees with your messed up world view.
    This site is Jewish and we as people survived more discrimination and prosecution through out history than any other nationality or race on this planet.

  9. WgFPD2,

    He was released “without bail”. Did you read the article? He viciously assaulted a cop and there was no consequence to prevent him from beating anyone again.

  10. WgFPD2,

    The article clearly says “Released Without Bail”. However, you probably slept through the part of class that taught reading.

  11. @ah yid: The law about no bail was supposed to be for “non violent offenders”. It seems the lethal system had a different definition of non-violent…

  12. @WgFPD2: That logic might apply if bail was set, and the attacker posted bail. But it’s saying that he was released WORKOUT bail. That sends a terrible message.

  13. @ WgFPD2 – “And why should he not be out on bail? Is bail only for white people? Judge set bail, he put it up. That is the way the system works.”
    Please read the article again. He was released WITHOUT bail!

  14. @WgFPD2 – If you read the article – it says that he did not need to put up bail $. He got released without bail. As a violent criminal he should be held without the option of bail. you are a racist for taking into account the color of a criminal’s skin in deciding his punishment – not this site.

  15. Not to deal with the comment of WgFPD2, this site is indeed very, very racist.
    The comment sections are always full of bigotry and hate.
    Sometimes against all non-jews no matter what color.
    sometimes specifically towards colored people, and at times it is racist towards sections of the Jewish community that are too right or too left.
    this site is racist, it is more of an opinion site than a news site.