WATCH: Trump Tells Reporter Asking Question To Remove The Mask

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

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President Trump told a reporter asking “muffled” questions to remove their mask at a press conference on Monday.

The president’s demand to a Reuters correspondent came at a Labor Day news conference at the White House.

“You’re going to have to take that off, please,” Trump told reporter Jeff Mason after he tried to ask a question.

“How many feet are you away?” Trump asked.

The reporter then responded: “I’ll speak a lot louder.”

Trump began to argue with the reporter.

“If you don’t take it off, you’re very muffled. If you take it off, it’d be a lot easier,” Trump said of the reporter’s face mask.

Mason insisted on keeping his mask on.

“I’ll just speak a lot louder. Is that better?” he asked.

Trump sighed.

“It’s better, yeah. It’s better,” he said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The Trumpkopf isn’t even aware when he makes a fool of himself. If you have ever taken a tour of the WH press room downstairs, you know that the reporters and President and his media staff are packed together like sardines in a small room with limited ventilation even with the limitations on the number of correspondents in the rotation that day. They are given the rapid tests prior to being allowed in but those tests are highly inaccurate. All of the President’s Cornoa Task Force advisors are betting American to wear masks and this mindless shvuntz asks the reporter to remove his mask????

  2. He should be allowed, even encouraged to wear the mask up until he’s given the honor to ask a question. Then you remove it especially when asked to do so out of sheer courtesy! But these guys are the prime of disrespect.

  3. hey huju and gadolhadorah!!! welcome! you’ve crawled out from under your rocks to bash our president!!!
    when corona was roaring these “journalist” scum were NOT wearing masks! now ALL wearing masks to perpetrate the lie!!! pesach time I was losing 3 friends per day!!! now it’s been four months since anyone I know has gotten sick let alone died rachmana litzlon!!! its all lies and fake news to bring down our president!!

  4. To Yaapchik: Asking the US president is not an honor, it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Wrong. Nobody has a right to ask the President anything. He does not have to speak to anyone he doesn’t want to, and he doesn’t have to answer anyone’s questions. If he gives these lowlifes the honor and privilege of asking him a question they should be grateful and should obey his rules.

  5. Exactly, milhouse.
    Listen Mr. Reporter
    You have two options
    Remove your mask and ask your question. Or leave your mask on and close your mouth.
    In any case, the president is not afraid of the virus. Like any sensible human being he took hydroxychloroquine. Much more effective than a mask.