WATCH: Fringe Group Arrested After Rioting At Rebbe Nachman’s Grave


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A fringe group of Breslov Chassidim were arrested on Wednesday after they rioted at the Kever of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov in protest of the strict regulations and lack of agreement regarding the number of Chassidim who will be allowed to visit the site during Rosh HaShanah. The rioters broke down barricades that were put in place to keep order and adherence to Corona regulations at the site. The rioters were arrested and the barricades were put back.

The majority of the Breslov Chassidim supported the idea of putting up the barricades to help direct people where to go and keep a distance from one another while visiting the site. On Wednesday, a group of Chasidim arrived at the site and claimed that the barricades prevented access to the grave and began to riot.

One protester told Israeli reporters that “For the past two weeks, we were promised an agreement and we acted nicely, like good little boys. Now, we are a week before the holiday and people are being told that there is no agreement. Enough is enough.”

The National Council of Breslov disassociated from the incident. “The incident that we witnessed its afternoon at the holy gravesite is a disgrace. It is harmful and a Chillul Hashem. It caused direct damage to all of our followers. We ask each and every member of our community to not stand idly by but to talk to others and convince them of the responsibility that we all have to keep our distance from one another and follow the regulations. Anyone who deviates from this endangers all of us.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I cry for the real Breslovers who have had the good name of Brelov ruined by the many nut cases who have joined in and brought with them their sick personalities and disregard of law and order.

    I know and knew many good Breslovers who we fine and upright people who followed the law and did not do this stuff. It is so sad to see the once good name of Breslev being ruined by such trash!

  2. This video says it all. Let the Ukrainian Government weld the doors shut and put a few APCs outside with troops given free rein to deal with any protesters. Who wants these hooligans, COVID-19 or not.

  3. The actions in the video aren’t a display of wisdom and intelligence ! Its disappointing and disheartening ! It’s downright embarrassing ! Where are the parents and spiritual guides for the “men” that have so much respect for the righteous sages teachings and resting place ! Where do they think go-d is anyway ? Maybe take the buildings down to so it’ll be an authentic holy scene like it was 25 years ago and 150 years ago ! Wait for the next boat to Jerusalem ! Happy succot ! Shalom !

  4. The מתנגדים had a reason to oppose the Kabbalah-influenced rebbe worshipers. This culture of being “spiritual but not religious” is a culture that’s falling downwards. These people need real Torah with living rabbeim who passed down Torah (and a kabbalah) from previous generations. These people are willing to leave the Holy Land in order to pray at a grave in Ukraine when they have multiple holy cities in Israel.

  5. Breslov is by definition a fringe group. Without a leader anything goes. Arush has a video out that pushes people to davka go this year. He promises that “people will receive much more this year from Rabbenu than any of the other years and that being with Rabbenu for Rosh Hashana is the most important thing they can do in their entire life.” They go to Ukraine, and risk their lives to receive bracha from Rabbenu not from Hashem. How much more proof do we need that these people are not part of Klal Yisrael.
    Hashem Yerachem that this fringe group has become part of the mainstream.