Flights To Israel NOT To Be Affected By Lockdown


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The following important update was released moments ago by the Chaim VChessed Organization:

On Sunday, September 13, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced plans for a lockdown, which will begin on Friday, Erev Rosh HaShana.

Media reports had stated that the government was considering closing Ben Gurion airport, and ceasing air traffic to Israel. Such a move would have had dramatic ramifications, for travelers planning to leave Israel during the holiday season, and for those scheduled to travel to Israel in the coming days.

Dozens of calls poured into Chaim V’Chessed offices over the past few days regarding this topic. Tonight, we are able to share that the airport will not be closed. Senior officials with both Delta and United airlines, the two American carriers currently flying to Israel, have informed Chaim V’Chessed CEO, Rabbi Paysach Freedman, that airline operations will continue as scheduled.

Furthermore, travelers holding airline tickets will be permitted to travel to and from the airport, despite lockdown restrictions.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)