WILL CUOMO APOLOGIZE?! Uses Photo From 2007 Satmar Rebbe Levaya In Today’s Press Conference


In his daily briefing today, NY Governor Cuomo announced the high COVID-19 infection rate in the Orthodox Jewish Community. Cuomo blasted the Orthodox Community, and used two photos to illustrate the large gatherings in Shuls.

But Cuomo used a photo from the 2007 Levaya (funeral) of the Beirach Moshe, who was the previous Satmar Rebbe.

Will Cuomo apologize?

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Cuomo needs to go ASAP, anyone knows how to put him in Cheirem?
    This mass murderer of nursing home patients, and hydroxychloroquine denier has too much covid-19 related blood on his hand already! And now he is busy libeling Frum Jews! Enough is enough!

  2. They need to get their act together and wear face masks & social distance. It is as simple & necessary as that.
    Everyone rightly so is sick & tired of them not playing by the rules everyone else plays by.

  3. If you listen to his speech, he is promoting a blood libel. Next up will be pogroms and Kristallnacht. I never, ever thought I’d hear this in my lifetime, and certainly not in USA. Learn from history, get out as fast as you can. Is you galus so comfortable you are ok with what’s to come? Cuomo just gave a green light to more attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions. He warned you himself! Heed his words.

  4. 147 Are you sick in the head?? The chasidim in this picture should wear masks????? In 2007??????
    Or are you one of Crooked Cuomo’s cronies????

  5. Is there a law where Cruel Crooked Cuomo can be sued for libel? Especially with proof of this picture???? Where is the ADL when they’re needed???

  6. Who are you trying to fool?? So he got the wrong picture. WOW! You know and I’m sure the governor knows there are hundreds of pictures that were taken in the last few weeks showing that our community doesn’t social distance. Don’t wear face masks. Yes, you have here and there. I was at the Irgun Shiure Torah shiur today and Rabbi Bald Shlit”a was giving face masks to everyone that didn’t have. How many other shuls are doing that?

  7. Where are all the askanim who pushed to vote for these lovely friends of ours? Or do they only come out to push us to vote for these two faced pieces of blank

  8. He should not apologise and neither should we criticize him. because we should encourage deblasio and coumo to be as tough as possible. the fact that we criticized deblasio in the past probably resulted in many deaths, since he got scared and stopped enforcing

  9. charliehall, pogroms that result from Blood libels similar to Cumo’s historically kill more Jews than Wuhan-19, including elderly Jews that were murdered by Cuomo in nursing homes.

  10. Gov. Cuomo should have used the photos on YWN showing the events in Boro Park from the last few months that look exactly the same. Cuomo should apologize when Trump apologizes to Biden for superimposing a photo of him on a video of a interview with a different person to make it look like he was sleeping. The world’s smallest violin is playing for you.